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 ===== Validating Your Configuration =====  ===== Validating Your Configuration ===== 
-After initial installation you can look at your configuration within the agent.xml file of the conf directory. Here you will see a generic task set up with the credentials from [[ready_to_run|Ready-to-Run]]. You can either run it now, however, it is recommended to run our tool to test and validate your current connections. It will run through your Message Bus Connections,​ Database Connections,​ and Instance Connections (to ServiceNow or elsewhere) as you have prescribed. +{{page>​validating_your_configuration&​noheader&​nofooter}}
- +
-Following these connections it will notify you which pieces failed as well as other diagnostic information about your current configuration. To see how to run this test click [[replicator_agent_troubleshooting#​validate_configuration|here]].+
 ---- ----
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