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 ===== Validating Your Configuration =====  ===== Validating Your Configuration ===== 
-After the initial set up, you can look at your configuration within the agent.xml file of the conf directory. Here you will see a generic task set up with the credentials you have just input. You can either run it now, however, it is recommended to run our tool to test and validate your current connections. It will run through your Message Bus Connections,​ Database Connections,​ and Instance Connections (to ServiceNow or elsewhere) as you have prescribed.  +{{page>​validating_your_configuration&​noheader&​nofooter}}
- +
-Following these connections it will notify you which pieces failed as well as other diagnostic information about your current configuration. ​ To see how to run this test see [[replicator_agent_troubleshooting#​validate_configuration|here]].+
 ---- ----
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