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Replicator Agent Known Issues

Date Detected Releases Affected Issue Fixed in Release
06/01/2018 Argon + Foreign characters not correctly sharing out from database to ServiceNow Bismuth, Dubnium
06/01/2018 Carbon The formatting for the agent.xml displays incorrectly Dubnium
04/26/2018 Argon If Agent is ran with a queue that doesn't exist, it will display “the [queue] you are subscribing to does not exit, it will be auto-created once data is shared to it…retrying.” even after the queue gets created. Dubnium
07/06/2017 3.16.0+ Running the Agent Validation Configuration will consume messages if message connection is set to HTTPS and specified queue 3.25.0
06/27/2017 3.23.0+ Agent message set activity count not displaying correctly in ServiceNow with AMQP(S) connections Not Fixed
06/20/2017 3.23.0+ Empty MBS logs are generated in the Agent log folder Carbon
05/07/2017 3.20.0 Agent might hang at times on performance reporting threads 3.21.0
02/15/2017 3.18.0 Agent returns a WARN message TableStatsReporter - Error: java.lang.NullPointerException for MySQL Agent. 3.25.0
01/12/2017 3.17.0 Agent returns a StatusLogger error on start up when ran on a Windows environment. 3.18.0
12/23/2016 3.14.0+ Oracle Agent will return the Error ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object when replicating inserts to an Oracle DB running multiple subscribe tasks 3.17.0
10/26/2016 3.14.0+ Agent will receive a WARNING - Unable to load the Wrapper''s native library 'wrapper.dll' when ran using a 64-Bit JVM instead of 32-Bit Not Fixed
09/29/2016 3.13.0 Replication of database view tables returns a Table Action error 3.14.0
07/20/2016 3.11.0+ The message set activity reported by the Agent is incorrect for HTTPS connections 3.25.0
07/08/2016 3.11.0 The Agent will return an error if the name of the Agent created contains non-alphanumeric characters 3.12.0
06/17/2016 3.10.0+ Sharing of Uppercase columns from Database to ServiceNow is not compatible. Not Fixed
06/07/2016 3.10.0+ The message set count might be incorrect if the Replicator Agent is interrupted and resumed during data replication. Not Fixed
06/07/2016 3.10.0+ The missing of 1 record is possible if the Agent process is suspended or interrupted then resumed during data replication. (AMQP/S) Not Fixed
06/20/2016 3.9.0 ServiceNow database view tables do not replicate to the Database correctly 3.10.1
05/25/2016 3.9.0 When replicating a long table with a similar name that gets truncated by default to Oracle DB, only one column will replicate since when truncated, the names will be the same. Not Fixed
06/06/2016 3.8.0 issue which would cause a DB timeout when retrieving metadata for very large tables. 3.10.1
06/13/2016 3.8.0 Issue with Replicator Agent DB sharing which resulted in no shared records when a criteria of last updated date field was used 3.10.0
05/25/2016 3.8.0+ Dynamic columns feature in the Agent configuration is not functioning properly. 3.15.0
06/03/2016 3.2.5+ When replicating ServiceNow fields that contains CR and LF, the values “&#13” are replicated to the Database 3.10.1
04/28/2016 3.2.5+ Replicator will return a SQLException - identifier is too long error when a Table name with over 30 characters is replicated. 3.9.0
04/15/2016 3.7.0 Upon replicating a field that contains decimals from SN to a DB, the value listed in the DB after replication would contain extra decimals (5 places). 3.14.0
04/01/2016 3.7.0 Agent might display a Dpapi -decrypted value Error although user credentials are correct and protected although data successfully replicates to MSSQL DB 3.8.0
03/30/2016 3.7.0 Agent might encounter various SQLTableStructure errors during replication due to new Data Types for Geneva 3.8.0
03/29/2016 3.7.0 Agent returns a ERROR SQLTableStructure when the data type “Glide_date” is replicated. 3.9.0
03/16/2016 3.6.1 Agent returns a TableAction error String or binary data would be truncated when replicating a larger dictionary value of a ServiceNow field. (MSSQL only) 3.8.0
03/16/2016 3.6.1 Agent displays a WARN SQLTableStructure - Column: [custom_price_field] type error but can't modify the type! when replicating a custom price field (Oracle and MSSQL) 3.7.0
03/11/2016 3.6.0 Agent returns a SQLTableStructure error when replicating a larger dictionary from two different ServiceNow instances. 3.7.0
03/11/2016 3.6.0, 3.6.1 Agent returns a SQLSubscriber error when replicating a larger dictionary value of a ServiceNow field. 3.7.0
03/07/2016 3.6.0, 3.6.1 Agent receives a WARN SQLROW message when a non json array data is excluded as json array 3.7.0
02/18/2016 3.5.0 Replication of a custom price field that uses the currencies (Euro, Pound, Yen, and CHF) defaults to system currency of ServiceNow Not an Agent Issue
02/18/2016 3.5.0 Korean Characters do not replicate correctly to Oracle DB. Not Fixed
02/16/2016 3.5.0 Database mapping for MySQL is not mapping all types properly. 3.9.0
02/16/2016 3.5.0 Database_connection_timeout use error. Not Fixed
02/16/2016 3.4.4+ Replicator agent does not start if one of the target databases is not accessible. 3.9.0
02/12/2016 3.4.2+ Agent returned a Table Action error after adding a new column field name that is larger than 60 characters. 3.8.0
12/11/2015 3.3.0 - 3.4.4When replicating a table that contains the fx_price field, the agent will return an error if the fx_price column is not excluded using the <exclude_columns> directive. 3.5.0
01/27/2016 3.4.1, 3.4.2, 3.4.3 Sharing feature of Replicator agent does not function correctly, this is due to the set fetch size change. 3.4.4
02/08/2016 3.4.0 Replicated data that is too large to fit into the target column is not truncated. Not Fixed
02/08/2016 3.4.0 When subscribing to MySQL, a failure might occur when the database is inactive for a long period of time Not Fixed
01/25/2016 3.4.0, 3.4.1 Replicator agent would hang when replicating to a DB that has a large amount of rows for tables sys_journal_field and sys_audit. 3.4.2
01/12/2016 3.4.0 The connection closes when a queue that doesn't exist is queried. 3.5.0
12/15/2016 3.3.0-3.4.4 Replicator's default string size is not 250. 3.5.0
01/17/2016 3.3.0 Unknown column error when schema directory is not present and a new field is created on ServiceNow and replicated to Oracle DB. 3.3.1
01/19/2016 3.3.0 Replicator Agent throws error when connecting to a MySQL database with any username other than “root”. 3.3.1
12/28/2015 3.3.0 A dynamic share that has update as its action will not be applied to a non-existent primary key, SQL will state no update and it's not reported as an error. Not Fixed
01/17/2016 3.3.0 Upon running a bulk share of a table with new custom created fields to an Oracle DB, the newly created field would display in Uppercase. 3.3.1
01/19/2016 3.3.0-3.4.4 Replication of a ServiceNow view is failing when there's more than 1 pseduo sys_id field and one of them has no value. 3.5.0
01/11/2016 3.3.0 Data is lost when schema service is interrupted. 3.4.0
12/28/2015 3.3.0 Customer using SQLSubscriberIODateTimePlugin report inconsistencies up updating target table 3.4.0
11/13/2015 3.2.5 Name is displayed as “Will be overwritten” on ServiceNow after running a share task on agent from DB to ServicenNow 3.3.0
12/14/2016 3.2.5 Upon sharing a table from an Agent to ServiceNow, an Error is returned with an invalid record state. The name field in ServiceNow is displayed as ticket.null. 3.3.0
12/09/2015 3.2.5 Customers are not able to share views since they don't have a sys_id which is required as the primary key. 3.3.0
12/03/2015 3.2.4, 3.2.5 Upper case columns replication for Oracle DB not functioning correctly. 3.3.0
10/20/2015 3.2.5 “File not found” error after selecting the option Exchange and did not get an option to enter in our exchange name. 3.2.9
08/07/2015 3.2.4 Agent not catching floating poin values for integers which caused a Numberformat exception. 3.2.5
08/03/2015 3.2.3 When PSP_SCHEMA is downloaded, both upper case and lower case files are created. 3.2.4
07/28/2015 3.2.3 Encrypted string values in config fields not working properly. 3.2.4
07/06/2015 3.1.15 When a queue is missing, replicator agent goes into loop repeatedly. 3.2.3
08/28/2015 3.1.14 Chinese and Japanese Characters does not properly replicate to DB 3.1.15
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