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Sending Agent Receipts in Intervals


As of the Europium release, you can configure the Replicator Agent to send receipts back to your ServiceNow instance at regular intervals and when the Replicator Agent is shut down. The following directive is required for this Agent configuration:

Directive Default Value Description
<receipt_send_interval> 1800 Indicates the number of seconds in which the Agent will regularly send receipts back to the sharing/publishing instance

To configure the Replicator Agent to send receipts at regular intervals and upon shutdown, follow these steps:

  1. In a text editing application, open the agent.xml file in the Perspectium_Replicator_Agent > conf directory that was created upon [[agent_installation|installation of the Replicator Agent.
  2. Add the <receipt_send_interval> opening and closing tags anywhere within <task> tags.
  3. Add a value within the <receipt_send_interval> tags to indicate the number of seconds that should elapse before the Agent sends receipts back to your sharing/publishing instance.
  4. Save and close the agent.xml file and run the Replicator Agent. The Agent will now send receipts at the interval value you have entered and when the Agent is shut down.
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