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 +======Sending Agent Receipts in Intervals======
 +As of the [[europium_release|Europium release]], you can configure the Replicator Agent to send [[update_set_receipts|receipts]] back to your ServiceNow instance at regular intervals and when the Replicator Agent is shut down. The following directive is required for this Agent configuration:​
 +^Directive^ Default Value ^ Description ^
 +|''<​receipt_send_interval>''​| 1800 | Indicates the number of seconds in which the Agent will regularly send receipts back to the sharing/​publishing instance |
 +To configure the Replicator Agent to send receipts at regular intervals and upon shutdown, follow these steps:
 +  - In a text editing application,​ open the **agent.xml** file in the **Perspectium_Replicator_Agent** > **conf** directory that was created upon [[agent_installation|installation of the Replicator Agent.
 +  - Add the **<​receipt_send_interval>​** opening and closing tags anywhere within the **<​agent>​** tags.
 +  - Add a value within the **<​receipt_send_interval>​** tags to indicate the number of seconds that should elapse before the Agent sends receipts back to your sharing/​publishing instance.
 +  - Save and close the **agent.xml** file and run the Replicator Agent. The Agent will now send receipts at the interval value you have entered and when the Agent is shut down.
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