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This page lists the current and past releases of Perspectium Replicator. To get the current version you are on, you must first navigate to your Perspectium Replicator instance. Contact if you have any questions.

Release Schedule

Date Released Version Changelog Product
July 18th 2018 Carbon_4.0.2 enhancement: support setting queue that ServiceNow Direct agent will read messages from outbound table in instance Replicator Agent
fixed: a connection issue when agent is configured with ServiceNow Direct Replicator Agent
June 18th 2018 Carbon_4.0.1 feature: added the support of the Perspectium File Subscriber Replicator Agent to replicate to Amazon S3 Replicator Agent
May 18th 2018 Carbon enhancement: added a queue name field in Replicator Agent installer Replicator Installer
enhancement: reduced the package size of the Agent installer Replicator Installer
fixed: validation tool not correctly validating http(s) connection with specified queue Replicator Agent
fixed: agent not properly truncating the column data for the first record after increasing the column length Replicator Agent
February 8th 2018 Bismuth fixed: wrapper logs not being rotated properly Replicator Agent
fixed: improve URL validation on agent startup Replicator Agent
feature: Ready to Run agent installation Replicator Installer
October 5th 2017 Argon enhancement: log database and table names when warning about truncating a column Replicator Agent
enhancement: default message_connection to have basic consume attribute set to true Replicator Installer
enhancement: Validate Configuration Tool will no longer report duplicates when multiple tasks are configured Replicator Agent
enhancement: made data cache directory configurable Repeater and Service Manager Agent
fixed: when perspectium.log reaches at least 20 MB, it will now save older logs and roll over to the new logs correctly Replicator Agent
enhancement: create large fields as nvarchar(max) in MSSQL to support distinct queries SQL Subscriber
enhancement: handle numeric fields with NaN value by setting it to null and not throwing an exception SQL Subscriber
feature: support of PostgreSQL Database Replicator Agent
fixed: an issue where the Validate Configuration Tool was consuming messages. Replicator Agent
fixed: message set count incorrect for HTTPS connections Replicator Agent
enhancement: message set processing every 1000 messages instead of every message Replicator Agent
feature: agent now supports with Solaris OS Platform Replicator Agent
fixed: display proper queue not found error message for when queue does not exist Replicator Agent
enhancement: no longer write alerts to the error directory when unable to connect to MBS Directory Sharer
feature: replicator agent now supports 64 bit wrapper and available for upgrade Replicator Agent
July 19th 2017 3.23.1 fixed: performance degradation when agent is consuming a large amount of records Replicator Agent Replicator Agent
enhancement: users can now dynamically change logging level to debug using the set logging script Replicator Agent
fixed: when using edge encryption, the agent cannot find the keystore.jceks file Replicator Agent
enhancement: improved Redshift data throughput by utilizing S3 buckets as a staging area where replicated data are stored then populated to Redshift tables. Replicator Agent
May 11th 2017 3.21.0 feature: agent now uses Basic Consume by default Replicator Agent
April 18th 2017 3.20.0 enhancement: added the ability to use a TNS string for connections to Oracle Replicator Agent
enhancement: modified Agent reporting mechanism to improve stability and volume Replicator Agent
enhancement: modified Agent retry capabilities to prevent primary key errors when running multiple tasks Replicator Agent
March 27th 2017 3.19.0 fix: log an error when attempting to replicate a table that's unknown by ServiceNow Replicator Agent
enhancement: updated packaged sqlserver JDBC driver to 6.1 as Microsoft is ending support lifecycle for JDBC 4.0 Replicator Agent
enhancement: replicator agent logging now includes the thread name in each message Replicator Agent
feature: save each record as its own file File Subscriber
March 14th 2017 3.18.2 enhancement: improved handling of connection failures to the database Replicator Agent
enhancement: improved retry ability for committing records to the database within unstable environments Replicator Agent
March 2nd 2017 3.18.1 enhancement: optimized prefetch size to reduce memory usage Replicator Agent
enhancement: queueing consumer is now only allocated once per task Replicator Agent
enhancement: optimized the handling of channels per a connection Replicator Agent
February 16th 2017 3.18.0 fix: improved handling of failed connections to prevent individual threads from terminating Replicator Agent
fix: an incorrect path for wrapper configuration which caused a StatusLogger error on start up for agent running in Windows environment Replicator Agent
enhancement: create Report supports double clicking to launch in Windows Replicator Agent
January 20th 2017 3.17.0 enhancement: added support for type attribute in <instance_connection> Replicator Agent
enhancement: validateConfiguration.bat supports double clicking to launch in Windows Replicator Installer
enhancement: updated default values for task instances=4, max_reads_per_connect=4000, and polling_interval=1 to optimize subscribing configuration Replicator Installer
enhancement: replicator installer now supports user entering a database type Replicator Installer
enhancement: enhanced validate configuration to be user friendly and provide more suggestions Replicator Agent
enhancement: default to using <message_connection> at task level in agent configuration Replicator Agent
enhancement: log more useful information when starting up the agent Replicator Agent
feature: report table counts every 30 minutes Replicator Agent
fixed: handling of trailing “Z” in ISO 8601 time format Replicator Agent
December 14th 2016 3.16.0 enhancement: added optional Database SID field for Oracle Replicator Installer
enhancement: added message and reporting connection to default to the same server configured during the Agent installation process Replicator Installer
enhancement: subscriber record errors will be sent back to ServiceNow instance Replicator Agent
feature: vertica database support Replicator Agent
October 28th 2016 3.15.0 enhancement: add additional logging entry for errors SQL Subscriber
fixed: An issue where dynamic columns were not processed properly SQL Subscriber
September 30th 2016 3.14.0 fixed: TableAction error after adding a new column field name that is larger than 60 characters SQL Subscriber
enhancement: default to the same server as message_connection for reporting connection Replicator Agent
removed: deprecated file subscriber option from installer Replicator Agent
enhancement: provide support of 64 bit fixed and floating point values SQL Subscriber
September 2nd 2016 3.13.0 enhancement: support a subset of columns from a table SQL Subscriber
fixed: Table Action error when replicating a Account Table from Salesforce to a DB SQL Subscriber
fixed: null values are displayed as a string for empty fields SQL Subscriber
enhancement: see output from stderr and stdout in the agent log files SQL Subscriber
August 15th 2016 3.12.0 enhancement: component_type set for heartbeat sent in for support Replicator Agent
July 15th 2016 3.11.0 fixed: unable to share records after connection idles vSphere Sharer
fixed: SQLTableStructure runtime error with format specifier SQL Subscriber
fixed: replication of ServiceNow Table views returns the SQL Errors SQL Subscriber
fixed: xml encoded field values from ServiceNow incorrectly contain XML encoding when inserted/updated into table SQL Subscriber
feature: added the ability to Create Report which packages the agent config and log files into a zip file Replicator Agent
June 24th 2016 3.10.1 fixed: issue with replication of CR and LF in ServiceNow fields to Database SQL Subscriber
fixed: issue with replication of ServiceNow database view tables to Database SQL Subscriber
fixed: hanging of the Agent when replicating to a Database that contains an extremely large number of rows Replicator Agent
June 17th 2016 3.10.0 fixed: SQLShareByLastUpdateQuery not properly working SQL Sharer
enhancement: simplify the handling of column name mappings Replicator Agent

Known Issues

Date Detected Versions Affected Issue Fixed Version
04/26/2018 Argon If Agent is ran with a queue that doesn't exist, it will display “the [queue] you are subscribing to does not exit, it will be auto-created once data is shared to it…retrying.” even after the queue gets created. Dubnium
07/06/2017 3.16.0+ Running the Agent Validation Configuration will consume messages if message connection is set to HTTPS and specified queue 3.25.0
06/27/2017 3.23.0+ Agent message set activity count not displaying correctly in ServiceNow with AMQP(S) connections Not Fixed
06/20/2017 3.23.0+ Empty MBS logs are generated in the Agent log folder Carbon
05/07/2017 3.20.0 Agent might hang at times on performance reporting threads 3.21.0
02/15/2017 3.18.0 Agent returns a WARN message TableStatsReporter - Error: java.lang.NullPointerException for MySQL Agent. 3.25.0
01/12/2017 3.17.0 Agent returns a StatusLogger error on start up when ran on a Windows environment. 3.18.0
12/23/2016 3.14.0+ Oracle Agent will return the Error ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object when replicating inserts to an Oracle DB running multiple subscribe tasks 3.17.0
10/26/2016 3.14.0+ Agent will receive a WARNING - Unable to load the Wrapper''s native library 'wrapper.dll' when ran using a 64-Bit JVM instead of 32-Bit Not Fixed
09/29/2016 3.13.0 Replication of database view tables returns a Table Action error 3.14.0
07/20/2016 3.11.0+ The message set activity reported by the Agent is incorrect for HTTPS connections 3.25.0
07/08/2016 3.11.0 The Agent will return an error if the name of the Agent created contains non-alphanumeric characters 3.12.0
06/17/2016 3.10.0+ Sharing of Uppercase columns from Database to ServiceNow is not compatible. Not Fixed
06/07/2016 3.10.0+ The message set count might be incorrect if the Replicator Agent is interrupted and resumed during data replication. Not Fixed
06/07/2016 3.10.0+ The missing of 1 record is possible if the Agent process is suspended or interrupted then resumed during data replication. (AMQP/S) Not Fixed
06/20/2016 3.9.0 ServiceNow database view tables do not replicate to the Database correctly 3.10.1
05/25/2016 3.9.0 When replicating a long table with a similar name that gets truncated by default to Oracle DB, only one column will replicate since when truncated, the names will be the same. Not Fixed
06/06/2016 3.8.0 issue which would cause a DB timeout when retrieving metadata for very large tables. 3.10.1
06/13/2016 3.8.0 Issue with Replicator Agent DB sharing which resulted in no shared records when a criteria of last updated date field was used 3.10.0
05/25/2016 3.8.0+ Dynamic columns feature in the Agent configuration is not functioning properly. 3.15.0
06/03/2016 3.2.5+ When replicating ServiceNow fields that contains CR and LF, the values “&#13” are replicated to the Database 3.10.1
04/28/2016 3.2.5+ Replicator will return a SQLException - identifier is too long error when a Table name with over 30 characters is replicated. 3.9.0
04/15/2016 3.7.0 Upon replicating a field that contains decimals from SN to a DB, the value listed in the DB after replication would contain extra decimals (5 places). 3.14.0
04/01/2016 3.7.0 Agent might display a Dpapi -decrypted value Error although user credentials are correct and protected although data successfully replicates to MSSQL DB 3.8.0
03/30/2016 3.7.0 Agent might encounter various SQLTableStructure errors during replication due to new Data Types for Geneva 3.8.0
03/29/2016 3.7.0 Agent returns a ERROR SQLTableStructure when the data type “Glide_date” is replicated. 3.9.0
03/16/2016 3.6.1 Agent returns a TableAction error String or binary data would be truncated when replicating a larger dictionary value of a ServiceNow field. (MSSQL only) 3.8.0
03/16/2016 3.6.1 Agent displays a WARN SQLTableStructure - Column: [custom_price_field] type error but can't modify the type! when replicating a custom price field (Oracle and MSSQL) 3.7.0
03/11/2016 3.6.0 Agent returns a SQLTableStructure error when replicating a larger dictionary from two different ServiceNow instances. 3.7.0
03/11/2016 3.6.0, 3.6.1 Agent returns a SQLSubscriber error when replicating a larger dictionary value of a ServiceNow field. 3.7.0
03/07/2016 3.6.0, 3.6.1 Agent receives a WARN SQLROW message when a non json array data is excluded as json array 3.7.0
02/18/2016 3.5.0 Replication of a custom price field that uses the currencies (Euro, Pound, Yen, and CHF) defaults to system currency of ServiceNow Not an Agent Issue
02/18/2016 3.5.0 Korean Characters do not replicate correctly to Oracle DB. Not Fixed
02/16/2016 3.5.0 Database mapping for MySQL is not mapping all types properly. 3.9.0
02/16/2016 3.5.0 Database_connection_timeout use error. Not Fixed
02/16/2016 3.4.4+ Replicator agent does not start if one of the target databases is not accessible. 3.9.0
02/12/2016 3.4.2+ Agent returned a Table Action error after adding a new column field name that is larger than 60 characters. 3.8.0
12/11/2015 3.3.0 - 3.4.4When replicating a table that contains the fx_price field, the agent will return an error if the fx_price column is not excluded using the <exclude_columns> directive. 3.5.0
01/27/2016 3.4.1, 3.4.2, 3.4.3 Sharing feature of Replicator agent does not function correctly, this is due to the set fetch size change. 3.4.4
02/08/2016 3.4.0 Replicated data that is too large to fit into the target column is not truncated. Not Fixed
02/08/2016 3.4.0 When subscribing to MySQL, a failure might occur when the database is inactive for a long period of time Not Fixed
01/25/2016 3.4.0, 3.4.1 Replicator agent would hang when replicating to a DB that has a large amount of rows for tables sys_journal_field and sys_audit. 3.4.2
01/12/2016 3.4.0 The connection closes when a queue that doesn't exist is queried. 3.5.0
12/15/2016 3.3.0-3.4.4 Replicator's default string size is not 250. 3.5.0
01/17/2016 3.3.0 Unknown column error when schema directory is not present and a new field is created on ServiceNow and replicated to Oracle DB. 3.3.1
01/19/2016 3.3.0 Replicator Agent throws error when connecting to a MySQL database with any username other than “root”. 3.3.1
12/28/2015 3.3.0 A dynamic share that has update as its action will not be applied to a non-existent primary key, SQL will state no update and it's not reported as an error. Not Fixed
01/17/2016 3.3.0 Upon running a bulk share of a table with new custom created fields to an Oracle DB, the newly created field would display in Uppercase. 3.3.1
01/19/2016 3.3.0-3.4.4 Replication of a ServiceNow view is failing when there's more than 1 pseduo sys_id field and one of them has no value. 3.5.0
01/11/2016 3.3.0 Data is lost when schema service is interrupted. 3.4.0
12/28/2015 3.3.0 Customer using SQLSubscriberIODateTimePlugin report inconsistencies up updating target table 3.4.0
11/13/2015 3.2.5 Name is displayed as “Will be overwritten” on ServiceNow after running a share task on agent from DB to ServicenNow 3.3.0
12/14/2016 3.2.5 Upon sharing a table from an Agent to ServiceNow, an Error is returned with an invalid record state. The name field in ServiceNow is displayed as ticket.null. 3.3.0
12/09/2015 3.2.5 Customers are not able to share views since they don't have a sys_id which is required as the primary key. 3.3.0
12/03/2015 3.2.4, 3.2.5 Upper case columns replication for Oracle DB not functioning correctly. 3.3.0
10/20/2015 3.2.5 “File not found” error after selecting the option Exchange and did not get an option to enter in our exchange name. 3.2.9
08/07/2015 3.2.4 Agent not catching floating poin values for integers which caused a Numberformat exception. 3.2.5
08/03/2015 3.2.3 When PSP_SCHEMA is downloaded, both upper case and lower case files are created. 3.2.4
07/28/2015 3.2.3 Encrypted string values in config fields not working properly. 3.2.4
07/06/2015 3.1.15 When a queue is missing, replicator agent goes into loop repeatedly. 3.2.3
08/28/2015 3.1.14 Chinese and Japanese Characters does not properly replicate to DB 3.1.15

Please visit our Replicator Agent Release page for details of release notes and fixes.

If you have further questions or concerns in regards to the current issues or observed any new issues, please contact our support team

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