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 +====== Replicator Agent Subscribed Queue ======
 +The Replicator Agent by default will Subscribe to a queue based off the name it as provisioned. ​ If it was given the name "​acme"​ it will attempt to read the queue "​psp.out.replicator.acme"​.
 +As you are performing the initial set up and/or adding additional queues to the Agent you will likely want to specify the queue that this Agent will attempt to read from.  This queue name should match what you are Sharing to.
 +This is done by adding in the queue="​..."​ attribute into the <​message_connection>​ of the agent.xml. ​ Example below:
 +<code xml>
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​ISO-8859-1"​ standalone="​no"?>​
 +    <​agent>​
 +        <​subscribe>​
 +            <​task>​
 +                <​task_name>​example_subscribe</​task_name>​
 +                <​message_connection queue="​psp.out.replicator.example"​ password="​encrypt:​XXXX"​ user="​XXXX"​ >​amqp://​</​message_connection>​
 +                .
 +                .
 +                .
 +                .  ​
 +            </​task>​
 +        </​subscribe>​
 +    </​agent>​
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