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Un-Installing the Agent

Uninstalling the Agent on Linux systems can be performed by the following steps.

The Replicator Agent can be installed and ran as a service. If you are performing a complete removal it is recommended to first uninstall the Agent as a service.

Un-Installing the Service

This can be done by going to the root directory of the Agent and issuing the command:


After which you will see the following at the bottom of the output (per your Agent name):

************* REMOVING example_agent ***********************

Service example_agent removed

You can then verify that the Agent is no longer in your services. You can do this by running

<agent_folder>/bin/ status

Where this should now output Installed: false

Name        : example_agent
Installed   : false
Running     : false
Interactive : false
Automatic   : false
Manual      : false
Disabled    : false
Paused      : false
Unknown      : false

Un-Installing the Agent

After installing the Replicator agent it will notify you that an uninstaller program has been created within the Uninstaller folder. The uninstaller will remove everything barring the log files/folder. The uninstaller will delete everything, including the root Perspectium folder, if the “logs” folder is empty.

The uninstaller can be run by executing the uninstaller.jar, to do this from the console type:

java -jar <agent_folder>/Uninstaller/uninstaller.jar

it will then prompt you for verification and begin the uninstallation process. You could also double click/open the jar file in your file system.

Note: The uninstaller is generated on installation and if you change the name of the root Perspectium Folder than the uninstaller will not remove anything. The name of the original directory should be stored in Uninstaller/installSummary.htm.

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