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 +<WRAP center round todo 60%>
 +This is for un-installing the Replicator Agent for versions 3.24.0 and under. For the newer Argon versions and above see [[replicator_agent_uninstalling_win|here]].
 +====== Un-Installing the Agent ======
 +Uninstalling the Agent on Windows systems can be performed by the following steps.
 +The Replicator Agent can be installed and ran as a service. ​ If you are performing a complete removal it is recommended to first uninstall the Agent as a service.  ​
 +====Un-Installing the Service====
 +This can be done by going to the bin directory of the Agent and double clicking the //​UninstallAgent.bat//​ file.
 +You can then verify that the Agent is no longer in your services.
 +====Un-Installing the Agent====
 +After installing the Replicator agent it will notify you that an uninstaller program has been created within the Uninstaller folder. ​ The uninstaller will remove everything barring the log files/​folder. ​ The uninstaller will delete everything, including the root Perspectium folder, if the //"​logs"//​ folder is empty.
 +The uninstaller can be run by executing the uninstaller.jar,​ to do this from the console type:
 +<code bash>
 +java -jar Uninstaller/​uninstaller.jar
 +it will then prompt you for verification and begin the uninstallation process. ​ You could also double click/open the jar file in your file system.
 +Note: The uninstaller is generated on installation and if you change the name of the root Perspectium Folder than the uninstaller will not remove anything. ​ The name of the original directory should be stored in //​Uninstaller/​installSummary.htm//​.
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