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 ===== Command Configuration ==== ===== Command Configuration ====
 +The Command Router configuration file supports the following directives. The configuration itself is enclosed within <​config>​ and then <​command_configuration>​ tags as outlined below.
 +    <​config>​
 +        <​command_configuration>​
 +             <​!-- Directives go here -->
 +        </​command_configuration>​
 +    </​config>​
 +The Command Router also requires information on how to contact the Perspectium Message Bus. The directives used are exactly those used by the Replicator agent but it’s possible that a completely different Message Bus or user credentials will be used. It’s important to note that the Command Router configuration is not intended to be modified by the customer.
 +The next section of the Command Router configuration is used to define what commands are supported and how they get executed. ​ Each command supported is defined within a commands tag pair as show below.
 +==== Under Construction ====
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