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Heartbeat Configuration

The Heartbeat configuration also requires information on how to contact the Perspectium Message Bus. The directives used are exactly those used by the core configuration file config.xml but it’s possible that a completely different Message Bus or user credentials will be used. It’s important to note that the Heartbeat configuration is not intended to be modified by the customer.

As of 3.2.20 this configuration file is embedded within the owning jar file and is not directly accessible.

Directive Example Use Default
heartbeat_queue <heartbeat_queue></heartbeat_queue> heartbeat message bus queue Required
update_interval <update_interval>60</update_interval> heartbeat interval Required
amqp_uri <amqp_uri>amqp://localhost</amqp_uri> Primary Message Bus Location Optional
amqp_user <amqp_user>joe</amqp_user> User for logging into primary bus Optional
amqp_password <amqp_password>j_o_e</amqp_password> User's password for message bus Optional
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