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One To Many Replication

Standard Use Case

The standard replication method that we provide is one to one. You will define a path (Shared Queue) and a producer (Sharer) will generate one message on that path, to one destination. If you are Sharing from one source and intend to send the same data to several destinations (data warehouses, dev instances, test instances) you may have noticed that you will have to create as many duplicate share configurations.

For simple Sharing to two or three destinations this is very manageable, but if you plan on sharing out towards several destinations it can be cumbersome.


We have the capability to perform this one to many replication which we refer to as a fanout. You will send your data once to a single shared queue and we will handle sending it out to several queues to be read out. It will be as straightforward as:

Share To Subscribe To

How To Set it Up

We are currently planning on implementing a customer handled approach to this. In the meantime however, its setup is handled internally. Feel free to contact us at in order for us to know your requirements and how we can best create your desired structure.

We also have a general naming convention for this scheme but the queue names can be modified to how you want.

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