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 +=====Replicator Tools=====
 +The replicator tools page is located under Perspectium > Replicator
 +There are currently 2 tools available
 +====Download Table Schema====
 +This tool is used to export the table schemas that the Replicator Agent will use to build the tables on its database. ​ It will output a downloadable zip file of all the table schemas as XML files which you can then provide to the Agent. ​ It will do this for all the tables you have defined in your Bulk Shares and Dynamic Shares, with respect to all the child tables as necessary as well.
 +Note: This is only necessary if your Agent cannot establish a connection to the ServiceNow instance. ​ It will handle this automatically otherwise.
 +====Download Share Configurations====
 +This tool is used to export bulk shares, dynamic shares, scheduled bulk shares, and table maps. It will output a zip file containing the XML files for the selected options. These files can be uploaded to a different instance to easily transfer your shares and table maps.
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