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 +==== Restricting shared fields on referenced records ====
 +<wrap info>​[[updateset_releases|v3.29.0]]</​wrap>​\\
 +This feature allows dynamic share to limit the fields that are being shared on referenced records. After clicking "Share only selected fields"​ on a given referenced field, clicking the "Add new" would specify a field to be shared, and clicking "Add all table fields"​ would share all fields of the given record.
 +Example: This dynamic share on the "​Ticket"​ table is configured to share out the "​assignment_group"​ field. The "​assignment_group"​ record is configured to share out only a few fields - '​name',​ '​manager',​ and '​roles'​.
 +When a dynamic share is triggered, the "​assignment_group"​ record will only have the three fields selected to be shared.
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