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Replicator for Salesforce

Salesforce Administrators and Operations Managers use Perspectium Replicator for Salesforce to replicate and synchronize Salesforce data with other Salesforce instances, SAAS and on-premise applications, as well as external databases and data warehouses.

Perspectium Replicator transfers data between Salesforce and the Perspectium Message Broker Service (MBS) using Scheduled Jobs via queues. Dynamic and Bulk Share data in Salesforce are written to the Outbound Message queue in Salesforce. A MultiOutput Processing Job sends messages from the Outbound queue to a queue in the Perspectium MBS.

Because the Replicator application requires API access to run its jobs and access data, the currently supported Salesforce Editions are:

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer

Please ensure you have the proper credentials to create the message queue or the queue has been created by the Perspectium team on the Perspectium MBS before creating it inside Salesforce. Please contact with any questions

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