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 +====== Salesforce Attachments into ServiceNow ======
 +<wrap info>​[[salesforce_releases|v3.26.0]]</​wrap>​\\
 +To read Salesforce attachments into ServiceNow, the u_sfdc_attachment_import import set table is provided as part of the Perspectium Salesforce Update Set for ServiceNow.
 +The update set comes with a subscribe configuration for u_sfdc_attachment_import so records can be read into the import set table. ​ A script action will then run on records being inserted to properly add and delete attachments.
 +The Perspectium message that is shared out of Salesforce for an attachment will come with a "​ParentTable"​ field that has the name of the Salesforce table that you can then use to determine which table this should map to in ServiceNow.  ​
 +The **Set parent table to attach to** business rule on the u_sfdc_attachment_import table is provided so you can modify the corresponding field in the import set table (u_parenttable) to the appropriate ServiceNow table based on how you are subscribing Salesforce records into ServiceNow.
 +For example, if you are subscribing Salesforce Case records into ServiceNow Incident records, you can use the business rule to update the field as follows:
 +if (current.u_parenttable == '​Case'​)
 +    current.u_parenttable = '​Incident';​
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