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-======= ​Dynamic Share Configuration ======= +======= ​Salesforce Org Configuration ​Options ​=======
-Setting up a Dynamic Share configuration allows a Salesforce organization to share table data in real time. The consumer or subscriber of this data can be another organization of Salesforce or a [[replicator_agent|Perspectium Agent]]. You will need to create a share configuration for each table you want to share. +
- +
-===== Creating a Dynamic Share ===== +
-To create a Dynamic Share configuration to begin near real-time replication of table data click on the Dynamic Shares tab. Click New Dynamic Share and enter the following:​ +
-  - //Dynamic Share Name//  +
-  - Select a //Table// to replicate data from (ex: Account) +
-  - Check the //Active// checkbox if you want this dynamic share to be active <wrap info> [[salesforce_releases|v3.25.0]] </​wrap>​ +
-  - Check the //Create// checkbox if you want to replicate inserts +
-  - Check the //Update// checkbox if you want to replicate updates +
-  - Check the //Delete// checkbox if you want to replicate deletes +
-  - Check the //Include Attachments//​ checkbox if you want to include Attachments related to that record. +
-  - If using a named queue, choose the [[salesforce_queues|Shared Queue]] +
-  - If you wish to send a subset of the table fields, use the //Fields to Share// shuttle box. +
-  - If you want to send a subset of the total table rows, enter the //Where// condition. ​  //​Filter Fields// can assist building the where clause. +
-  - Click Save +
-  - Click Create/Save Trigger +
- +
-{{ :​sf_dynamic_share.png?​nolink |}} +
- +
-<WRAP round info> +
-The //Apex Trigger Details// section contains a read-only version of the Apex Trigger code generated when the Dynamic Share configuration is saved. This can be used to manually create the Apex Trigger if the Tooling API is not available for dynamic Apex Trigger creation. Salesforce does not allow dynamic creation of Apex Triggers in production organizations. Dynamic Share triggers should normally be migrated from sub-production organizationss using change control process. To perform this task manually, click the __Go to Trigger List__ link and create or update the trigger using the content in the Apex Trigger Details section. +
 <wrap info> [[salesforce_releases|v3.24.0]] </​wrap>​\\ <wrap info> [[salesforce_releases|v3.24.0]] </​wrap>​\\
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