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Salesforce Files

Files are uploaded to Salesforce are similar to attachments. However, they have their own table and are recognized as a ContentDocument object. Like attachments, files may be uploaded to records in a table (i.e Case, Contact, etc.). This page will show you how to set up your field layout so that you may share out files.

In order for you to share out the records, you must have your Salesforce org configured

Field Layout

In this example, we will set up the Case table so that files may be uploaded and shared out.

1) Navigate to the list of tables by clicking the “+” tab at the top

2) Most table will do, however, we will use the Case table as an example

3) If you don't have any cases already, create one by clicking the “New” button, otherwise, proceed to step 5

4) From here, enter your desired values

5) Now that your Case has been created, look for the field layout icon to the right. It looks like a paper and a pencil

6) From here, you should be taken to the field layout page for your table. Navigate to Related List in the navigation bar at the top to find the Files option

7) After finding the Files option, proceed to dragging and dropping it at your desired location. In this example, we will drag and place it above attachments

8) Files may now be uploaded to your record

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