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Known Issues

Date Detected Versions Affected Issue Fixed Version
02/11/2017 Carbon Comments received from Salesforce to ServiceNow does Not fixed
02/11/2017 3.18.0 If “Save” is clicked on a previously ran/running Bulk Share in Salesforce, the Bulk Share's status will display “Running” indefinitely Carbon
02/11/2017 3.18.0 There's a preview error upon installing the Salesforce update set Carbon
02/11/2017 3.18.0 Bulk Share cancel not functioning correctly on a large Bulk Share Not fixed
09/22/2016 3.18.0 The user is able to execute a Bulk Share when the filter condition has an error, hence, it causes the Status of the Bulk Share to be displayed as “Running” indefinitely Not Fixed
09/19/2016 3.18.0 When replicating a field with carriage returns from Salesforce to DB, the CR will be displayed as \r\n Argon
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