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This page lists the current and past releases of Perspectium Replicator for Salesforce. To get the current version you are on, you must first navigate to your Perspectium replicator for Salesforce instance. Contact if you have any questions.

Release Schedule

Date Released Version Changelog Product
July 11th 2018 Carbon_4.1.0 enhancement: “delete all” button has been added to the inbound and outbound messages Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: direction for queue creation is now mandatory Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: file uploads on Salesforce can now be shared to ServiceNow Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: properties will now properly display a confirmation message whenever settings have been saved Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: name fields for bulk and dynamic share are now mandatory Salesforce Replicator
fixed: scheduled jobs will now properly retain custom descriptions Salesforce Replicator
May 18th 2018 Carbon fixed: dynamic share form not loading (“invalid conversion from runtime type” error) when trigger properties not setup properly Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: display more details on success of testing trigger and add test MBS connection option Salesforce Replicator
fixed: special characters like tab (\t), double quotes and single quotes not encrypted/decrypted properly when using AES128 ServiceNow Update Set
fixed: preview error with missing field u_lastmodifiedid ServiceNow Update Set
fixed: bulk share not sharing out all records (too many DML statements error) when executing a large bulk share Salesforce Replicator
fixed: apex trigger not created for dynamic share on custom tables with names ending in (underscore “c”) Salesforce Replicator
fixed: Apex trigger not sharing out records due to “Too many SOQL queries: 101” error Salesforce Replicator
fixed: Apex trigger not sharing out records due to “Before Insert or Upsert list must not have two identically equal elements” error Salesforce Replicator
feature: support reading attachments between Salesforce from ServiceNow Salesforce Replicator
February 8th 2018 Bismuth (3.30.0) enhancement: only list tables in dynamic share that support creating Apex triggers Salesforce Replicator
feature: include child records option added to share out child records with a dynamic share Salesforce Replicator
fixed: error finding parent table when reading Salesforce attachments into ServiceNow ServiceNow Update Set
fixed: unable to read Salesforce custom field names with “__c” into ServiceNow import set tables with field names with “_c” ServiceNow Update Set
fixed: unable to read true/false values in JSON messages received from Salesforce ServiceNow Update Set
fixed: id fields like ParentId are being removed causing subscribe to not work properly for some tables like FeedItem Salesforce Replicator
fixed: unable to load page to create a new dynamic or bulk share when more than 1000 tables in the system Salesforce Replicator
October 5th 2017 Argon enhancement: save standard settings option on Perspectium properties page for updating fields without having to re-enter all secure settings Salesforce Replicator
feature: added “Alias” field on shared queues for moving Apex triggers from sandbox/dev to production Salesforce Replicator
feature: support reading attachments into ServiceNow ServiceNow Update Set
enhancement: updating dynamic share will update the attachment trigger instead of deleting and recreating Salesforce Replicator
enhancment: “Active” field added to dynamic share to enable/disable dynamic shares Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: to secure sensitive data, Perspectium properties page will not display encryption or decryption keys Salesforce Replicator
July 19 2017 3.24.0 fixed: all fields being selected when user selects only some fields in creating dynamic share. Salesforce Replicator
fixed: deleting a dynamic share does not delete the dynamic share attachment trigger. Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: Perspectium properties page will no longer display sensitive data. Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: attachments on a bulk share will share content in Body field. Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: update dynamic share trigger instead of deleting and recreating trigger when updating a dynamic share. Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: “Create Trigger” now says “Save Trigger” with support for updating trigger instead of deleting and recreating. Salesforce Replicator
feature: support of sharing the User table when the Salesforce user is set to active or inactive. Salesforce Replicator
fix: dynamic sharing of large attachments that will return a blob error in outbound. Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: preserve the Perspectium Replicator properties settings page Salesforce Replicator.
feature: added a bypass users feature to exclude users from initiating a Dynamic Share Apex trigger. Salesforce Replicator
April 25th 2017 3.20.0 fix: minor bug fixes Salesforce Replicator
enhancement: support sharing attachments Salesforce Replicator
February 16th 2017 3.18.0 Initial release: Official release of Salesforce replicator managed package Salesforce Replicator

Known Issues

Date Detected Versions Affected Issue Fixed Version
02/11/2017 3.18.0 If “Save” is clicked on a previously ran/running Bulk Share in Salesforce, the Bulk Share's status will display “Running” indefinitely Not fixed
02/11/2017 3.18.0 There's a preview error upon installing the Salesforce update set C-Release
02/11/2017 3.18.0 Bulk Share cancel not functioning correctly on a large Bulk Share Not Fixed
09/22/2016 3.18.0 The user is able to execute a Bulk Share when the filter condition has an error, hence, it causes the Status of the Bulk Share to be displayed as “Running” indefinitely Not Fixed
09/22/2016 3.18.0 When replicating a Case record from SF to SF, the Case Number received from the subscribing org is different than Sharing Org Not Fixed
09/19/2016 3.18.0 When replicating a field with carriage returns from Salesforce to DB, the CR will be displayed as \r\n Argon

If you have further questions or concerns in regards to the current issues or observed any new issues, please contact our support team

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