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 ====== SQL Subscriber Agent Configuration for Salesforce ====== ====== SQL Subscriber Agent Configuration for Salesforce ======
-To install and configure a SQL Subscriber agent to consume replicated Salesforce records+The SQL Subscriber agent can be configured ​to consume replicated Salesforce records ​and write them to a database table. ​ The agent.xml file shown below is an example of the necessary configuration. 
 +<WRAP round info> 
 +Note:  The <​schema_connection> ​ password attribute is your salesforce password with your security token appended to it. 
 <code xml> <code xml>
 <?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​ISO-8859-1"​ standalone="​no"?>​ <?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​ISO-8859-1"​ standalone="​no"?>​
Line 28: Line 33:
                 <​primary_key>​Id</​primary_key>​                 <​primary_key>​Id</​primary_key>​
                 <​skip_database_creation/>​                 <​skip_database_creation/>​
 +                <​date_time_format>​yyyy-MM-dd'​T'​HH:​mm:​ss.SSS'​Z'</​date_time_format>​
             </​task>​             </​task>​
       </​subscribe>​       </​subscribe>​
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