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Salesforce Apex Trigger Deployment

To deploy Apex triggers in production, you will have to create them in a sandbox org and then move them over to production. You can move them over using change sets.

When deploying change sets, you may need to add a test class that tests your trigger's Apex code to ensure 75% coverage of all Apex code. By default, the Perspectium managed package comes with a test class that covers the basic of Perspectium's dynamic share Apex triggers.

Testing Trigger

Before deploying a package from dev to sandbox / production, it is needed for test cases to succeed. In order to meet required test coverage, follow the instructions and examples below.

  1. Go to Set Up at the top right
  2. Search for Apex Test Execution in the search field

3. On the top left of the Apex Test Execution page, click on the Select Tests button

4. Check the boxes of the tests that need to be tested

From here, you may click the [View] text to open the class or click the selected tests to view details of the results

Change Set Deployment

In order to deploy a change set, follow the steps and examples provided below:

  1. Go to Set Up at the top right
  2. Search for Outbound Change Sets in the search field
  3. Select New to create a new Change Set

4. Enter a name for the Change Set and then select Save

5. Select Add in the Change Set Component section

6. Select Apex Trigger from the component type dropdown and check mark the necessary Apex Triggers to add to change set. Also select your test Apex Class if necessary.

7. To create the Change Set, select Add To Change Set and select Upload on the next screen

Now that the Outbound Change Set is created, please go to the Inbound Change Set on the receiving org and select the created Outbound Change Set to deploy.

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