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Scheduled Sync Up


This feature sets up a recurring scheduled sync-up or “catch up” job that incrementally shares out (bulk) a previous interval of updated/created records.

The reason for enabling this option is to capture dynamic record updates and creation that may have been missed due to business rules being bypassed programmatically (setWorkflow('false');) or automation that does not trigger business rules.


  • Activate sync - check this box to start or stop syncing and to receive message receipts
  • Started - the time syncing started (this time is reset each time you check the box to activate sync)
  • Stopped - the time syncing stopped (this time is set each time you uncheck the box to activate sync)
  • Interval - the intervals for syncing, choice of 5, 30, or 60 minutes
  • Last sync time - the last time syncing occurred, this also marks the time when the data should start for the next sync up
  • Number of records synced last interval - the number of records from the last sync time that needed to be sync

To set these up you only need to choose your interval for syncing and check the “Activate Sync” checkbox.


The idea behind Scheduled Sync up is incremental shares to catch up this data. This is to cover for systems where updates are made which bypass the Business Rule execution. This can be run with or without the Trigger Conditions selected on the Dynamic Share. (With) you will share out the records at real time and on the scheduled interval. (Without) you will share out the records just on the scheduled interval. If you do not depend on real time syncing you can de-activate the trigger conditions for “Create” and “Update”.

It is also important to note that deletes will need either their Trigger Condition checked or Audit Delete Listener Checked. Since the Sync Up will check for the record changes every X minutes, a deleted record is gone so it will not be caught by the Sync Up.

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