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 ====== Common Document Integrations ====== ====== Common Document Integrations ======
 +This page details specific information related to the different process integrations between ServiceNow and Jira.  All integrations use Perspectium'​s Common Documents for sharing data.  For more information,​ please contact [[]].
 +===== Common Change =====
 +Because ServiceNow change requests are generally mapped with Jira's story and epic issue types, an "​issue_type"​ attribute should be created in your ServiceNow'​s outbound [[snc_table_maps#​adding_to_the_attributes|table map]].
 +For example, if you want to map your change to a Jira story, you would create a table map to set the issue_type attribute to "​Story":​
 +For Epic, you would set up the above to have: 
 +<​code>​answer = '​Epic';</​code>​
 ===== Common Request ===== ===== Common Request =====
 {{page>​servicenow_jira_common_request&​noheader}} {{page>​servicenow_jira_common_request&​noheader}}
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