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Share table map


This feature allows users to create table maps for the following:

  • Attachments
  • Audit Logs
  • Journal Fields
  • Reference Field Records

The Reference Field Records requires additional steps for set up

Attachments, Audit Logs, and Journal Fields

To enable this feature, configure your dynamic share to display the PSP Share Table Map related list

Select the desired records to share

Proceed to the bottom and select the PSP Share Table Map tab. Click the “New” button and add the table and table map as shown below

Reference Field Records

The initial steps are similar to the ones above. To enable the Reference Field Records, check the “include referenced field records” box, which will then display the “select reference field records to share” tab / section at the bottom

Select new and select the field you wish to target. In this example, we will use “caller” from the Incident table; this will point to the “Sys User” table

In order to utilize this function, “Share only selected fields” must be set to false

Now that the reference field has been set, we need to set the PSP Share Table Maps for our selected table. Following our example above, “caller” points to the “Sys User” table; because of this, our table map will be pointing to the “sys_user” table

Once configured, records with a defined caller will be shared with the convention of the designated table map.

Validating Dynamic Shares

To validate that Dynamic Shares are being shared out correctly, see Validating Dynamic Shares.

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