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Perspectium SIAM for Apttus

(Importing Apttus object data to ServiceNow)

since 3.30

This integration imports Apttus object data directly into ServiceNow. The individual objects which are to be imported, are individually configurable under their respective packages through the SIAM Apttus module within ServiceNow.

The following diagram shows the logical flow of data between the major constituent components of the solution:

This integration is not bidirectional and replicates data out of Apttus only.

Supported Versions

* ServiceNow: Kingston
* Apttus 


Please request installation download links from For more information on installing or updating the update sets, visit the first time install or updating pages.

The update sets should be installed in this order:

  1. Perspectium for ServiceNow
  2. Perspectium Receipts
  3. Perspectium Common Endpoint
  4. Perspectium SIAM for Apttus

Once all four update sets have been installed the Perspectium app in the ServiceNow menu should show the Apttus SIAM module.

Shared Queue

Select the Shared Queue module under Perspectium then create a new queue and set the queue name to

Add the correct credentials to the form for Endpoint URL, Queue User Password and Queue User (Queue user should be in the format <vhost>/<username>).

Subscribed Queues

Add a new entry under the Perspectium Module for Subscribed Queues. Contact support for the endpoint url and credentials.

Replicator Subscribe

Add a new entry for the table u_psp_apttus_package

For the packages table, make sure to check the 'Run business rules' option under the Additional Settings tab

Add a new entry for the table u_psp_apttus_object

If not already present, add a subscribe to the “Global [global]” table. As with the other subscribes, make sure to check the “Run business rules” option under the Additional Settings tab.


Receipts will be generated out of the box once an Apttus command has been successfully fulfilled. Alerts will also be automatically activated to warn users of uncompleted requests.

Please checkout Receipts for a more detailed explanation of the core Perspectium Receipt functionality.

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