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This page lists the current and past releases of Perspectium SIAM. Contact if you have any questions.

Release Schedule

Date Released Version Changelog Product
May 18th 2018 Carbon fixed: have Sharepoint Lists displays their item's title correctly SIAM for Sharepoint
feature: support of bidirectional attachments replication for ServiceNow and CA Rally SIAM for Rally
fixed: unable to access lists for / site SIAM for Sharepoint
enhancement: support multiple clients in same family SIAM for Rally
enhancement: use standard common document formats SIAM for Rally
February 8th 2017 Bismuth fixed: unable to access “Discover sites and list” menu option with perspectium role SIAM for Sharepoint
October 5th 2017 Argon fixed: display all Jira outbound table maps in Outbound Maps module SIAM for Jira
enhancement: enable options for user to set a cache location to store logging and a file for last update value SIAM for Service Manager
feature: support for affected_cis in common_incident Base
July 19th 2017 3.24.0 enhancement: audit summary for SIAM audits Base
feature: audit of SIAM messages through MBS Core
feature: support of bidirectional attachments replication for ServiceNow and Service Manager SIAM for Service Manager
feature: support of bidirectional replication for ServiceNow's change requests to Jira's epics and stories SIAM for Jira
enhancement: include update_synch attribute for u_psp_table_map and u_psp_table_field_map tables to allow saving changes for table maps and take new SIAM updates Core
enhancement: default to standard Jira priorities for priority outbound table field map SIAM for Jira
feature: support sending out historical comments for incident being sent to Jira SIAM for Jira
May 11th 2017 3.21.0 enhancement: support sending attachments to Jira on incident create in ServiceNow SIAM for Jira
April 18th 2017 3.20.0 fix: psp_replicate_conf commit error for sys_script SIAM for ServiceNow
feature: support sending deferred state messages SIAM for Jira
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