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 +====== Preparing for the London Upgrade ======
 +If you are aiming to make the London Upgrade in the near future please follow this guide for the following steps. London introduces some new changes which can some changes in logging, however it does not really impact your replication.  ​
 +The primary issue is that when you hit the "Reset Dynamic Share Rules" module you may see some log messages coming up.  You may also see the same when you hit the "​Finish Install"​ module as well (this calls the same reset dynamic share rules logic). ​ Everything gets created correctly but you may see the output on non Bismuth releases. ​
 +==== Kingston / Jakarta Upgrade ====
 +If you are upgrading from a non-Kingston or non-Jakarta instance it is recommended to review those as well.  As those changes introduced in those versions had a much greater impact.
 +  * [[:​snc_kingston_upgrade|Kingston Upgrade]]
 +  * [[:​snc_jakarta_upgrade|Jakarta Upgrade]]
 +=====Version Compatibility=====
 +This will require a version upgrade to <wrap info>​vBismuth</​wrap>​ or greater
 +Please contact [[]] if you have any questions or issues and we can help guide you on how you can patch your current Update Set to avoid this.
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