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Message Set Activity

Because of new application memory usage limits in Jakarta and to better optimize agent performance, message set activity is not tracked for outbound processing of messages to MBS and disabled by default in the agent as of the Argon release


To better track the status of messages as they move between various components (ServiceNow instances, Perspectium MBS, agents, etc.), messages are grouped into a “message set” distinguished by a unique id (in the case of messages that are replicated from ServiceNow instances, messages from the same dynamic or bulk share are grouped together in a message set and the dynamic or bulk share configuration's sys_id is used as the unique id).

So as messages leave ServiceNow and reach MBS, the message set is tracked so as to determine how many messages successfully make it through each component as well as any failures. This information is provided in the Message Set Activity related list located at the bottom of the dynamic and bulk share configurations:

To refresh the related list at any time with the current information available, click the “Update message set activity” form link above all related lists which will then make a call to the Perspectium MBS server that the messages were sent to so as to retrieve this data.

In v3.6.0, message set activity is refreshed automatically when loading the dynamic or bulk share configuration page. An error message will also be displayed on load if there are any failures in the message set activity:

As well, the duration, successes and failures are now summed to provide total values for each:

In v3.7.0, message set activity will display how many records the ServiceNow instance has processed for a dynamic or bulk share (“snc-processed”) and only display one record for each set of unique component name and component type combination so as to make it easier to view all activity:

In v3.8.0, message set activity will display the number of records “skipped” by a subscribing agent. “Skipped” applies to cases where the agent may skip subscribing to a record, such as when the agent was configured to exclude receiving records for a specific table.

In v3.9.0, message set activity will display the records ServiceNow instances actually share and subscribe. Since a separate scheduled job runs to actually send messages from the outbound messages queue (Perspectium > Messages > Outbound), “snc-shared” represents these messages that have actually been shared from this instance and sent to Perspectium MBS.

As well, if you are sharing messages to another ServiceNow instance, you can see how many messages this instance has received. “snc-subscribed” designates any ServiceNow instances that are subscribers (with their instance name listed in the “Component Name” field) and the numbers of records they have received.

In v3.13.0, message set activity will not display in a related list when a form is first loaded to decrease load time. Instead, click “View message set activity” to see the message set activity in a pop-up window. Note: it may take a few seconds to display the pop-up window because the message set is being updated.

In v3.14.0, message set activity's component types use a more understandable language to better what type of replication occurred. See the chart below to see the changes.

Component Types

Previous Value Current Label
mbs-https Processed-MBS
snc-processed Processed-ServiceNow
snc-shared Shared-ServiceNow
snc-subscribed Subscribed-ServiceNow

In v3.16.0, message set messages will be placed into the outbound queue and sent with other outbound messages to improve instance performance.

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