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Reset Dynamic Share Rules

In v3.8.0 so as to fully support the Business Rule When feature as well as allow multiple dynamic shares for the same table (each with a different target queue), it is recommended you run the “Reset Dynamic Share Rules” option after upgrading to properly reset all the dynamic share business rules. This is applicable if you have previously installed v3.7.0 (or earlier) of the Perspectium Update Set and are upgrading to v3.8.0+:

Generally you will have one dynamic share for a table but there are cases where you may want to have multiple dynamic shares for the same table, such as when you want to share a record “before” to one target queue and “after” to another target queue as well as have different sharing business rule orders.

Your current dynamic shares will continue to function if you do not run “Reset Dynamic Share Rules” however when opening up a dynamic share configuration that has not been reset you will see the following message: You can then click the “Reset Dynamic Share Rule” related link which will reset the dynamic share rule for this table only (the “Reset Dynamic Share Rules” option located in the Perspectium module resets the rules for all dynamic share tables).

As well, because of the change in functionality to support multiple dynamic shares for the same table with different business rule whens and orders, we require you to reset a table's dynamic share business rule if it was created prior to v3.8.0. If you haven't and try to create a new dynamic share for the table, the following error will display:

Resetting the rule before creating a new one for the same table ensures the dynamic business rules for the table are all created properly and run appropriately to honor each dynamic share's configurations.

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