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Troubleshooting Report


We have included a module in the Perspectium update set to easily gather up the common configurations and logs that the Support team requests during troubleshooting. Running this module at the time of the initial issue request will help speed up the troubleshooting process.

To run this module, go to Perspectium > Control and Configuration > and select “Troubleshooting Report”.

This will create messages in the outbound queue that will be sent to Perspectium to help with troubleshooting. The following messages are created:

  1. A message containing Perspectium warning logs
  2. A message containing Perspectium error logs
  3. A message containing sample Replicator messages in your outbound and inbound queues (these messages remain encrypted as we are more concerned with seeing what type of messages are stuck in your queues and could possibly be causing issues)
  4. A message containing the following Perspectium configurations:
    1. Dynamic share configurations
    2. Bulk share configurations
    3. Subscribe configurations
    4. Shared and Subscribed Queues
    5. Perspectium system properties

Your Replicator messages, Perspectium password and encryption keys included in these messages are all encrypted and thus will not be viewable by Support.

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