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Specifying encryption key for encrypting configuration file


It is now possible to specify a separate and secure encryption key for encrypting your agent configuration files. You may now save your secret key in a file named sesame.txt in your agent conf config file folder (this directory is located at the base or home directory of where you've installed your agent). This file is never shared with anyone during customer support sessions as it will contain the key for encrypting fields in your agent.xml configuration file, specifically any password fields.

To activate this security feature:

  1. install the agent and change directory to the agent's base directory (or locate the previously installed agent's base directory).
  2. change directory into the conf configuration folder where the agent.xml file is located.
  3. create a file named sesame.txt and save your secret key (ascii text, 1 line, no carriage return) in this file.
  4. edit agent.xml and locate fields that are prefixed with “encrypted:”, these are the fields that have previously been encrypted, you will now replace them with “encrypt:<password>” where <password> is the password you were previously given during agent provisioning, or is your selected passphrase for encrypting data from your data sources.
  5. restart the agent.

Edit or view the agent.xml file again and you should see that the previously prefixed “encrypt:” fields are now updated with the “encrypted:” prefix and the preceding values encrypted with your private key that is stored in the sesame.txt file.

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