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 The following table reflects additional directives that apply to all SQL type Subscribers. The following table reflects additional directives that apply to all SQL type Subscribers.
 +==== Snowflake ====
 +<wrap round info>​[[https://​​display/​fluorineplus|Fluorine+]]</​wrap>​
 +<WRAP round info>​**NOTE:​** As of the [[https://​​display/​fluorineplus|Fluorine+ release]], the Snowflake JDBC driver 3.8.0 will come packaged with your Perspectium Agent in order to address a known issue with use of OSCP for certificate revocation status.</​WRAP>​
 +In order to replicate to a Snowflake database, you will need to add the directive **<​ensure_table_exists>​** within the **<​task>​** directive. The **<​ensure_table_exists>​** directive is self-closing and does not require any attribute values. Refer to the example **agent.xml** configuration file below for configuration of your Agent for replication to a Snowflake database:
 +===Example agent.xml Configuration===
 +        <​agent>​
 +                <​share/>​
 +                <​subscribe>​
 +                        <task instances="​4">​
 +                                <​task_name>​OnDemandAgent_subscribe</​task_name>​
 +                                <​message_connection password="​encrypted:​vlOtU71yu8N/​EFIJH85SSPbQ5/​gZDZBSjYcHe6gjfJI="​ queue="​psp.out.replicator.aws_ondemand_datasync"​ use_basic_consume="​true"​ user="​​oda.ivan.kuo.1561578334430">​amqp://​</​message_connection>​
 +                                <​handler>​com.perspectium.replicator.sql.SQLSubscriber</​handler>​
 +                                <​decryption_key>​Perspectium On-demand DataSync</​decryption_key>​
 +                                <​database_type>​snowflake</​database_type>​
 +                                <​database_server>​</​database_server>​
 +                                <​database_user>​Adminadmin1</​database_user>​
 +                                <​database_password>​Adminadmin1</​database_password>​
 +                                <​database_params/>​
 +                                <​database>​psp_repl</​database>​
 +                                <​use_cache/>​
 +                                <​ensure_table_exists/>​
 +                        </​task>​
 +                </​subscribe>​
 +                <​max_reads_per_connect>​4000</​max_reads_per_connect>​
 +                <​polling_interval>​5</​polling_interval>​
 +                <​skip_message_set_processing/>​
 +        </​agent>​
 ==== Postgres Server ==== ==== Postgres Server ====
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