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Control and Configuration


The Properties page allows you to configure your credentials used to connect to the Perspectium MBS server. For more information about how to configure your Perspectium properties, see Perspectium Properties Configuration.

Error Notification


There are times when you want to be notified about errors that occur during the processing of data. You can now subscribe to errors being generated in the Perspectium Logs by configuring email notifications.

Click on Error Notification in the Perspectium application as follows.

As shown below, you can specify the conditions under which these email notifications will get triggered (When to Send tab), the users/groups that would like to receive them (Who will receive tab), and the email template that will be used (What it will contain).

Before submitting your changes, you can also preview how the email notification will look like.

2015/07/07 23:46 · David Loo

Start/Stop All Jobs & Status

These modules will start and stop all scheduled jobs with a name that begins with Perspectium. Clicking on the Status module will display the Component Status record for Perspectium's schedule job running status. Starting and Stopping will also re-sync the Event Subscription script actions.

Test Connection

The Test Connection link will attempt to retrieve ServiceNow and pages and post to the configured Perspectium server. The status of the test will be displayed on the browser frame.

In v3.13.0, “Test Connection” will also test the connection of all active shared and subscribed queues and displays the current number of messages in each queue.


Perspectium logs are filtered with the source value of “Perspectium”. Clicking this module will display a list of log records of this source value. To generate more log, you may enable the Debug flag property on the Properties page.

Script Include

A list of all of the Perspectium application script includes.

Table Maps

Table Maps are used to give more control on the format and content of the data that you Share and Subscribe into the instance. If you are familiar with Inbound Transform Maps into ServiceNow, Outbound Table Maps are the “Outbound” version of that. Inbound Transform Maps are a different way to direct inbound traffic into your instance.

You can read more about Table Maps here.

Multi Team Administration

Multi Team administration is a cosmetic / organization tool for organizing your Share configurations. It can be helpful if you have multiple different teams in your company using Perspectium.

You can read more about Multi Team Administration here.


A Situation can be created to collect similar and related alerts into a work unit that can be assigned.

You can read more about Situations here.

Situation Templates

Situation Templates define automatic Situation detection and creation rules.

You can read more about Situation Templates here.

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