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Dot walking field values to be replicated

On occasion there is a need to access a fields value using ServiceNow's feature.

The following example leverages this feature by sending the display value of a sys_domain's name value, subscribing it to update another instance of Servicenow.

Place the following line in the Before Share Script of your Bulk Share's or Dynamic Shares

current.sys_domain =;

This will modify the outgoing record's payload to have the domain's name in the sys_domain column.

If you are Subscribing this into another ServiceNow instance you would have to handle it either with a Transform Map, or, you could set up a similar Before Subscribe Script to mirror this by grabbing the Domain corresponding to this name.

var domainVal = repl_gr.sys_domain;
if(domainVal != null){
	var dGR = new GlideRecord('sys_user_group');
	dGR.addQuery('name', domainVal);
		current.sys_domain = dgr.sys_id;
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