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Known Issues

Date Detected Releases Affected Issue Fixed in Release
05/06/2018 BismuthServiceNow is decrypting Salesforce messages incorrectly : special characters like tab (\t), double quotes and single quotes not encrypted/decrypted properly when using AES128 Carbon
04/26/2018 BismuthBulk Sharing with “Include Child Table Only” failed when encountering a record with a corrupt/invalid class Carbon
09/29/2017 3.26.0 ServiceNow Dynamic Sharing when Business Rule When = Before - Any modifications to current are committed to the SN databaseCarbon
04/05/2018 3.31.0Dynamic share does not configure correctly on Ready to Run form. 3.31.1
03/05/2018 Bismuth Default subscribed queue not created on first time install of Perspectium update set on an instance 3.31.1
03/05/2018 BismuthHandling to append / to endpoint URL is failing during Subscribe fetch 3.31.0
03/02/2018 Bismuth“Error Notification” module is linking to the PSP Alerts Table [u_psp_alerts] table 3.31.0
03/01/2018 BismuthWhen previewing with additional tables that do not have any values, it shows NaN(Not-A-Number) 3.31.0
02/20/2018 3.29.0The “Source” column of Outbound Messages is no longer populated 3.31.0
02/20/2018 3.29.0 Outbound messages with value fields too large to send to MBS not being marked as error 3.31.0
02/20/2018 3.29.0The enable max outbound messages security check is checking twice per regular outbound message 3.31.0
02/20/2018 3.29.0ServiceNow Bulk Share Include All Child Tables fails when table has no parent/child relationship (no sys_class_name)3.31.0
02/08/2018 3.29.0Schema Processor returning improper schemas under certain configurations 3.31.0
02/07/2018 Bismuth Deletion of multiple messages in inbound or outbound with all checkboxes checked might cause multiple errors to display 4.1.0
02/06/2018 3.29.0 Outbound attachment and audit messages will not be sent if target queue is inactive 3.31.0
01/24/2018 3.29.0Default URL for the subscribed queue is not editable from the UI page, however, it is editable in list view 3.30.0
01/24/2018 3.29.0Unable to submit a new dynamic share with only “update” selected 3.30.0
01/20/2018 3.29.0Create, update, delete are not shown as required on subscribe configurations 3.31.0
01/10/2018 3.29.0Run a bulk share on dynamic share does not handle sharing base table only and include all child tables 3.31.0
01/10/2018 3.29.0Dynamic Share “Run a Bulk Share” does not have handling for “Sharing Base Table Only” or “Include All Child Tables” 3.31.0
01/19/2018 3.28.0 Errors when handling messages in the Observer, Audit, and Attachment Outbound Table in Jakarta Instances3.30.0
01/19/2018 3.28.0Outbound messages with the wrong key are not processed properly 3.30.0
01/15/2018 3.28.0 ServiceNow does not replicate correctly when using the Cipher AES128 and encrypted_multibyte 3.30.0
01/15/2018 3.28.0“Properties Saved” message doesn't always display when successfully saving properties 3.30.0
11/10/2017 3.26.0 Dynamic Journal, Audit, and Attachment Outbound Sharing do not honor the shared queue's encryption key 3.30.0
12/05/2017 3.26.0 ServiceNow is decrypting/encrypting AES128 encryption incorrectly3.29.0
09/27/2017 3.26.0 Negative numbers were allowed in specific properties page inputs 3.29.0
08/12/2016 3.22.0 Replication of unencrypted data not correctly processing in outbound 3.29.0
11/16/2017 3.26.0 Duplicate the UI Action names: “Run another bulk share like this” and “Execute Again” 3.29.0
11/10/2017 3.26.0 Subscribed queues allow empty names or URLs 3.29.0
11/10/2017 3.26.0 When creating a new target queue via the Bulk or Dynamic share form, it defaults the queue direction to “Subscribe”3.29.0
10/15/2017 3.26.0 Null characters appended to fields in a table are not handled properly 3.28.0
10/15/2017 3.26.0 Include attachments on a dynamic share will not share attachments out to conditional shares3.28.0
10/10/2017 3.26.0 Journal field entries not displaying on records in pre-Kingston instances when replicated from Kingston+ instances Argon Patch3
10/10/2017 3.26.0 Unable to update records in tables that have sys_class_path field on Jakarta+ domain-separated instances Argon Patch3
10/10/2017 3.26.0 Jakarata Memory issue with posting to the remaining Outbound tables (Observer, Attachment, Audit) Argon Patch2
11/10/2017 3.26.0 Dynamic Journal, Audit, and Attachment Outbound Sharing do not honor the shared queue's encryption key Argon Patch2
09/14/2017 3.26.0 ShareRecord error invalid table name u_psp_siam_auditArgon Patch1
09/14/2017 3.26.0 ServiceNow Table Map Replication to JSON fails when replicating ' characterArgon 3.27.0
09/12/2017 3.26.0 Dynamic Shares will run when the record transaction came in through Subscribing - it will loop between instancesArgon 3.27.0
09/12/2017 3.26.0 The ignore update fields feature is not functioning properly Argon 3.27.0
08/28/2017 3.26.0 Message Set Activity is not correctly displaying in ServiceNow Argon
06/28/2017 3.24.0 ServiceNow “Process Again” action on inbound messages does not properly mark “skipped” when setting ignore=true in the Before Subscribe Script 3.25.0
02/28/2017 3.24.0Scheduled Sync Up do not support “Include All Child Tables” 3.25.0
02/28/2017 3.24.0 Canceling a bulk share while state is Running needs to proceed to Cancelled state 3.25.0
05/22/2017 3.21.0 The Observer update set is needed for PerspectiumMessage to be present on new core update set installations 3.21.1
06/10/2017 3.16.0 attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditions 3.16.3 3.21.2 3.23.0
10/26/2016 3.14.0 Unable to add new reference fields to the same table for Dynamic share if the reference field of that specific table has already been added for a Dynamic Share config 3.15.0
10/21/2016 3.14.0 When a Bulk Share is updated after previewing the Bulk Share, the user will be taken back to the Preview page due to ServiceNow caching 3.15.0
09/26/2016 3.14.0 Message Set activity for component type Shared-ServiceNow might be counted incorrectly on larger bulk shares 3.15.0
09/09/2016 3.13.0 Related Lists might not display for Share only selected fields feature for Dynamic Share 3.14.0
09/06/2016 3.1.13+ Selecting Share Base Table Only in Dynamic Share will cause non-saved modifications in the Before Share Script to be ignored Not Fixed
06/27/2016 3.11.0 Unable to replicate messages using unencrypted 3.29.0
06/27/2016 3.8.0+ The Observer UI in ServiceNow might link to (instance) instead of 3.11.0
06/27/2016 3.8.0, 3.15.0 Replication of a table using the combination of AES128 and Table Maps configuration is not compatible 3.16.0
06/17/2016 3.8.0 Unable to read replicator messages shared by Replicator Agent from Oracle Argon hotfix1
04/21/2016 3.8.0 When Bulk sharing records from SN to DB that ends increments of 1,000, the message set Finished time stamp for MBS and Replicator will be displayed as (empty) 3.9.0
04/15/2016 3.8.0 Replication of ServiceNow table views are not compatible 3.11.0
04/15/2016 3.8.0 Upon performing a Dynamic share, the Message Set Finished time stamp will be displayed as (empty) for MBS and Replicator Agent. 3.9.0
04/15/2016 3.8.0 The Finished time stamp of the message set is displayed as (empty) for MBS and Replicator Agent when a Bulk Share of 1 Record is ran. 3.9.0
04/20/2016 3.7.0 Unable to process records when using scheduled bulk share for Sys ID records. 3.9.0
04/04/2016 3.7.0 Share queue groups doesn't synchronize upon update and targeted group queue does not create. Not Fixed
03/11/2016 3.6.0+ When upgrading the Update Set on Geneva instance, the commit error “Version loading was stopped by DictionaryUpdateLoader for sys_dictionary_u_psp_alerts_u_value” and “Version loading was stopped by DictionaryUpdateLoader for sys_dictionary_u_psp_table_map_u_script” might be present. The script and value fields however do get created in the two tables. Not Fixed
02/10/2016 3.4.0, 3.4.1 Notifications on the subscribing instance that depend on activity log fields (such as comments or work_notes) will not occur in the subscribing instance because the XML received will have no value for these fields. 3.8.0
01/27/2016 3.4.0 History set does not replicate if no targeted queue is specified during replication. 3.4.1
01/12/2016 3.3.0-PATCH1 Messages with “\” in one of the fields will cause JSON Exception and not be read by MBS. Not Fixed
02/18/2016 3.3.0-PATCH1 - 3.4.0 Observer not fully running and sending all metrics. 3.3.0-PATCH4, 3.4.1
01/27/2016 3.3.0-PATCH1 Installing Update Set on a clean instance returned the preview error “Could not find a table field (psp_out_message.u_state_info) referenced in this update.” 3.3.0-PATCH4, 3.4.1
01/18/2016 3.3.0 When user creates 2 dynamic shares on one table with different target queues, the user might receive an error when trying to add a reference field. Not Fixed
01/11/2016 3.3.0 Bulk share “include all child tables” not working properly. 3.3.1
12/28/2015 3.2.9 If a user's instance has rules that also have the same name as ours (sysauto_script.*), our rules may override their rules which forces the customer to disable our rules in order for theirs to work. Not Fixed
09/25/2015 3.2.9 First subscribe configuration being used when user has multiple subscribe configurations with the same “source table name”. 3.3.0
12/10/2015 3.2.9 Empty XML generated from update set. 3.3.0
12/10/2015 3.2.9 Include Referenced Field Record related list always show even if the checkbox for Include Referenced Record is not checked. 3.3.0
01/12/2015 3.2.9 Error on inbound subscribe where sys_history_line table having a column named “update” causing an error when calling GlideRecord update(). 3.3.0
11/13/2015 3.2.9 Scheduled Bulk Share not functioning 3.3.0
10/1/2015 3.2.7 Unable to access to the local glide record in Before subscribe script before updating with replicated message 3.2.8
09/28/2015 3.2.7 Endpoint URL for subscribe queue error without the “/”. 3.2.8
08/05/2015 3.2.4 When MBS is down, ServiceNow scheduled job for multi output processing stops forever. 3.2.8
07/28/2015 3.2.4 Replicator subscribe configuration not used if base table subscribe configuration also exists. 3.2.4-PATCH2
10/10/2015 3.2.4 Users is not alerted when the application generates an error, particularly when MultiOutput processor fails to post. 3.2.5
06/24/2015 3.2.3 JavaScriptException: java.lang.NullPointerException Errors on ServiceNow. 3.2.8
06/22/2015 3.2.1 Dynamic Share is generating unwanted sys_attachments to be sent. 3.2.8
06/24/2015 3.2.1 sys_translated_text field not supported in update set. 3.2.8
06/24/2015 3.2.1 sys_choice entries not replicating. 3.2.8
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