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Scheduled Bulk Share



This feature allows scheduling of one or more bulk shares to occur repeatedly over time, run once, sometime in the future, or On Demand. When a Bulk Share has been defined to execute the way you want, you may use this feature to schedule it to run repeatedly to update an external database or your sub-production environments. This is only necessary if you are not using the Dynamic Share feature for real time sharing but choose to update all records every time the scheduled bulk share runs.


To schedule a bulk share, go to the Replicator > Scheduled Bulk Share option under the Perspectium app.

By selecting the above module, you will be presented with a list of currently defined scheduled bulk shares. If this is your first time, there will not be any existing entries. Go ahead and click the button at the top of the list, you will now be presented with a form to define the scheduled bulk share.


Column Description
Name The name for the scheduled bulk share. Normally you would select something intuitive like “Daily user record sync”.
Active State for the current schedule. When Active is “checked” or “true”, the schedule is in effect and will run based on its configuration.
Allow Concurrent Jobs Carbon
Having this enabled will allow multiple instances of the same Bulk Share to run at the same time. More details below.
Run The schedule for how this group of bulk shares should run. The scheduling controls are similar to any scheduled jobs in ServiceNow, you can reference that documentation here.
Time The time related to “Run” regarding when the job should run.
Conditional When this field is “checked” or “true”, the condition script input box is opened for you to specify a scripted condition of when this job should run. This is a ServiceNow feature and more documentation can be found here.
Condition Specify your conditions for executing this job. This is a ServiceNow feature and more documentation can be found here.
Related bulk share records Once the scheduled bulk share entry is created, you can click the button to select from a list of bulk shares you want to run under this schedule.

Run Period

As mentioned above you can set the run period of a job as you would with a standard ServiceNow job. Your options for the run period are:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Periodically
  • Once
  • On Demand

With varying levels of granularity in each one. You can for example create a Scheduled Bulk Share running periodically every 2 hours, and then create a Bulk Share filtered on “Updated - on - last 2 hours”.

Repeating Jobs

By default, Scheduled Bulk Shares will run multiple, separate jobs (Bulk Shares) at the same time. However, if an individual Bulk Share's run period is set too aggressively, multiple repeating iterations of the same job will be scheduled but will not run until the initial iteration of that job has finished running.

Starting with the Carbon release, you have the option to run multiple repeating iterations of Bulk Shares by checking an Enable repeating jobs box. If left unchecked, a scheduled repeating iteration of the same Bulk Share will not run until the currently running iteration is completed.

Scheduled Bulk Share Statuses

Scheduled Bulk Shares will generally run in FIFO order. You can check the statuses of your Scheduled Bulk Shares by navigating to the Scheduled Bulk Shares module in ServiceNow and viewing the Status column:

Status Explanation
Deferred Bulk share is on hold until other scheduled jobs finish running
Scheduled Bulk share is scheduled but has not started running yet
Running Bulk share is currently being executed
Completed Bulk share has been successfully executed
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