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Use Audit Delete Listener


This feature allows Dynamic Share configurations to capture delete events for records that may have bypassed the ordinary “delete” business rule, for example an up stream business rule that calls “setWorkflow('false')” or cascade deletes. Setting this option will create an “on insert” business rule on the sys_audit_delete table and enqueue deleted records noticed through this approach.

You can identify this Business Rule within your Business Rule table by filtering for those on the sys_audit_delete table and whose name starts with “Perspectium DL”.

Known Issue: There is currently a bug set to be fixed with Update Set v3.20.0. This bug can allow multiple Business Rules to be created for a single Dynamic Share configuration with this enabled. This would happen with each subsequent update to the Dynamic Share form. If you are using this it is recommended to verify the “Perspectium DL” Business Rules match the expected number.

If you would like instructions on how to circumvent this without a full version Upgrade contact for instructions.

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