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Using Basic Consume

With the release of our v3.18.0 Agent we have introduced a new way to poll for messages from the Message Bus. This new way will provide higher reliability when faced with connection problems as well as improved throughput.

The use of this is the default for AMQPS connections in v3.21.0. For versions v3.18.0 to v3.20.0 you can manually enter in the setting to utilize this. This change is to add in the following attribute to the <message_connection> tag:

  • use_basic_consume=“true”

In Argon, the use_basic_consume attribute is set to true by default when installing the agent as it is supported for both AMQPS and HTTPS connections.

Please Note: Basic Consume should always be set to true when using HTTPS connection to maximize throughput and to prevent possible lost of messages.

Example below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no"?>
             <message_connection use_basic_consume="true" user="XXXX" password="XXXX">amqps://</message_connection>
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