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CLOB Data Type Configuration


By default, the Replicator Agent's maximum column size is 251 characters. Any value that exceeds 251 characters will remain as an NVARCHAR data type. However, the Replicator Agent can also be configured to include CLOB data types. To do this, add the following directive to the agent.xml file saved in your Agent's installation directory:

Directive Value
<database_column_max_size> Any number value can be entered.

If enabling CLOB configuration, note that the Agent-supported databases' maximum column sizes vary. If Replicator Agent CLOB configuration is enabled, any value entered that exceeds an Agent-supported database's maximum column size will be converted to a CLOB type. See below for a list of maximum column sizes for Agent-supported databases:

Database Maximum Column Size
Oracle 2000
SQL Server (MSSQL) 4000
MySQL 4000
SAP Hana 5000
Amazon Redshift 65535
Amazon Aurora 65535
IBM DB2 32672
HP Vertica 65000
PostGreSQL 10485760
Snowflake 4000
Sybase 32767

For more information, see Replicator Agent Configuration or contact

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