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Dubnium Release

The Dubnium release demonstrates our commitment to continually enhancing Perspectium solutions that work for you. Some new and improved functionality you can expect to see in the Dubnium release includes:

  • Data Guarantee – ensures that data sent from ServiceNow gets to where it needs to go and that any issues can be corrected quickly
  • Nucleus – continued innovation that allows you to easily configure your own integrations between any supported application endpoints
  • MSP Gateway – helps service providers manage customer integrations from one pane of glass
  • Agent Support – includes support for Java 9/10 and Snowflake

To view all of the exciting new features, enhancements, and bug fixes for the Dubnium release, choose from the list of Perspectium products below:

For additional information about current and previous Perspectium releases, e-mail or call 888.620.8880.

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