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Perspectium for ServiceNow Update Set Installation

The following are instructions for installing the Update Set for the first time. If you are upgrading from an existing installation, please visit Upgrading an Update Set.


Before installing your Perspectium for ServiceNow update set(s), make sure that you have the following information ready to configure your Perspectium Properties in ServiceNow. You can get this information from Perspectium Support.

Property Example Value
The user name that is used for connecting to the Perspectium message bus dev291
The user password that is used for connecting to the Perspectium message busdev291 (will be hidden by asterisks *)
The target Perspectium server or message bus endpoint

The Perspectium application must be installed in the global scope to function properly. If the application is installed in a different application scope, it will not have access to certain built-in ServiceNow functions (such as serializing and encrypting GlideRecords) to share out data and you may see errors such as:
PerspectiumReplicator undefined, maybe missing global qualifier CloseException (java.lang.SecurityException: PerspectiumReplicator undefined, maybe missing global qualifier)

Step 1: Download

Visit the Update Set Releases page and request the download link from for the listed current version. The file will be in a zipped format representing an exported update set XML file. When prompted, save the file in your browser's designated Downloads folder. After saving the downloaded zip file, unzip it using your preferred method.

Step 2: Upload

Log into your ServiceNow instance and navigate to Retrieved Update Sets. At the bottom of this form, click the Import Update Set from XML link. Then, click the Choose file button and browse to where you unzipped your update set file in Step 1. After selecting your update set XML file, click the Upload button. A progress window will show the status of the upload, which may take several minutes.

Step 3: Preview

The previewing step is a ServiceNow feature that ensures update collisions are displayed and resolved before applying the update. Because this is the first time, there should not be any collisions to be resolved. Select the Preview Update Set button and wait for it to end.

For more information about previewing update sets, see ServiceNow's documentation on previewing remote update sets.

Step 4: Commit

After previewing the Update Set and making sure that there are no conflicts, you are now ready to commit it. To do this, click the Commit Update Set button. A progress window will then pop up again displaying the status of the commit. It may take several minutes for your update set to commit.

For more information about committing update sets, see ServiceNow's documentation on committing update sets.

Step 5: Run Finish Install and Configure Your Properties

After committing the update set, navigate to and click the Finish Install module to complete the installation of the Perspectium update set

The Finish Install module will check if the Perspectium application is in the global scope, run jobs to install properties for the application, start up background running scheduled jobs, and reset dynamic share rules.

NOTE: By running the Finish Install script, you will not overwrite your current Perspectium Properties. You should run the Finish Install script whenever you install a new update set.

The Finish Install script must be run after committing your Perspectium for ServiceNow update set(s) in order for your Perspectium applications to function correctly.

2016/11/01 17:47 · Paul Nguyen

After running the Finish Install script, navigate to Perspectium > Properties. Enter the values for the properties you collected from the prerequisite section in this guide. Next, navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Properties to review your properties and make any changes if necessary.

Always make sure to check that your Perspectium Properties are correct before using any Perspectium application.

For update sets that come bundled with dynamic share and shared queue configurations, verify your Perspectium Properties in these configurations (such as endpoint URLs and credentials) and set them to Active so that you can start using your Perspectium application.

Lastly, click the Test Connection link, and you should see output similar to the following:

ACL Update Set


To limit the Perspectium application to only the perspectium user that is installed with the application, you can request from support the ACL update set which will add ACL rules.

ACL update sets are available for both the Perspectium Replicator and Observer applications. ACLs will be created for the following ServiceNow tables:

Table Version Access Operation Product(s)
UI Pages (sys_ui_page) 3.18.0 read Replicator, Observer

Duplicate ACLs on the same table may conflict with each other with one overriding the other. Please verify any ACLs that exist on the above tables before installing this update set.

2017/02/10 15:42 · Paul Nguyen
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