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Ready to Run

Ready to Run is a Perspectium function available in the Bismuth release. It allows users to easily configure their ServiceNow instance to replicate data to a database. At the bottom of the form are three options: Save, Clear Form, and Download Agent Zip. Selecting “Save” automatically creates the necessary components in ServiceNow for data replication to your desired database. Selecting “Download Agent Zip” downloads the configuration zip file for the agent needed to begin replicating data. Selecting “Clear Form” will remove the displayed values from the Ready to Run form.

Currently Ready To Run only supports data replication between ServiceNow and MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle.

Warning: You will need to run Finish Install before using Ready to Run. If user runs Ready to Run prior to doing Finish Install, issues may arise with configuring your Perspectium Properties


1. Ready to Run is only available for the Perspectium for ServiceNow core update set version Bismuth or higher. You can check your update set version in ServiceNow under Perspectium → Control and Configuration → Properties. To get the newest update set please email or visit the customer portal, and for instruction on how to install the Perspectium update sets click the following link

2. After committing the Bismuth update set click Finish Install under Perspectium in ServiceNow.

3. Download and install the Perspectium Replicator Agent JAZ Zip or the Standard Perspectium Replicator Agent intaller version Bismuth or higher.


After installation, click the Ready to Run module located in ServiceNow under Perspectium > Replicator. A form for generating the correct share configurations will be provided. When you submit the form integration components inside ServiceNow including a Bulk Share, Dynamic Share, Shared Queue, and Table Compare, Scheduled Jobs will be created with the specified configurations. It will also create and download a zip file containing the files required to run the agent.

Important Note: The ServiceNow and MBS Credentials used in Ready to Run must match those already set up in the Perspectium and Replicator Properties. If they do not, the properties used in the Ready to Run form will overwrite the Perspectium and Replicator properties

Form Sections

The Ready to Run form contains five sections.

Configuration Type Section

As of the Dubnium release, Ready to Run offers a “Configuration Type” selection that populates the form with fields specific to the desired configuration type. Selecting “Create Share” allows you to create the Shared Queue, Scheduled Job, and Bulk and Dynamic Shares while selecting “Download Agent Zip” allows you to configure the agent zip file.

Tables Section

The tables section allows users to select which tables they would like to share when the form is submitted.

As of Carbon release, users may now select multiple tables to share.

ServiceNow Section

The ServiceNow section requires your ServiceNow instance credentials. The Instance name field is auto populated when the form loads. It should be the name of whichever instance the form is opened on. The Username field requires the username that is associated with the current instance. The user must have either / or an admin role or a Perspectium role in ServiceNow. The Password field requires the password for the current instance. The Encryption Key field will auto populate if an encryption key already exists on the Perspectium Replicator Properties. If no encryption key exists in the Perspectium Replicator Properties the user must enter a key.

As of the Dubnium release, the Task Name field is added. Previously, Ready to Run was only saving the default instance name. With the Task Name field, a custom name can be made so that multiple agents can be created.

Note: The Dynamic share automatically created upon completion of the form will have the trigger conditions of Create, Update, and Delete.

MBS Section

The MBS Section requires your Perspectium MBS credentials. The user must fill out the Server URL with the Endpoint URL provided by Perspectium upon installation of the application. The Username and Password fields require your username and password for your Perspectium MBS.

Note: Because Perspectium for ServiceNow only supports HTTPS if you save your Server URL with AMQPS prepended, inside ServiceNow the URL will be reflected as HTTPS. However, the queue will still use AMQPS.

Agent Section

Select the OS of the system that will be running the Perspectium Agent.

Note: Linux and Windows are both supported.

Database Section

The Database Section requires your database credentials. The Type field represents the database type the user would like the Perspectium Agent to share to. The three supported database types as of now are MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle. Default Ports will be auto inserted for the Port field, but the user may overwrite these values if they wish to do so. The Username, Password, and Database Name fields represents the credentials needed to use the selected database.

Note: If the database type is Oracle a SID field will also be generated and must be filled out.

Save and Execute

At the bottom of the page there are options to either Save or Clear Form. Clicking Save will create all the components necessary in ServiceNow for data replication (Bulk Share, Dynamic Share, and Shared Queue scheduled jobs) and the xml needed to configure your desired database.

The created Bulk Share will not execute on its creation. Also the Dynamic Share that is generated will default to inactive.

Newly submitted form will be saved and preload the form the next time a user accesses the from. This is useful if you want to re-run the Ready to Run module to re-create and re-run everything or if you are running it to setup another agent that will have most of the same information as previously entered.

As of the Dubnium release, the Save and Clear Form buttons will perform the corresponding action for the selected configuration only.

Database Configuration

After selecting “Download Agent Zip” a ZIP file will be automatically downloaded to your machine. This file contains the configurations set up previously in the Ready to Run form. After unzipping the file, there will be a two folders labelled “bin” and “conf”. You must drop the agent.xml and wrapper.conf from the Ready to Run file into the conf folder and drop in the schemas folder from the same file into the bin folder of the unzipped files from your initial Agent installation. without these files being placed int eh appropriate folders, Ready to Run will not work. For more information on installing the Replicator agent, see: Agent Installation

The Agent will encrypt the passwords once you run it or validate it the first time

Installation of the Ready to Run Agent requires the downloaded file from the Ready to Run form in ServiceNow. For more information on installing the Ready to Run Agent on different operating systems, see:

Windows Ready-to-Run Agent

Ready to Run Installation for Linux

In some cases it is possible the data the bin and conf folders from the Ready to Run zip file will completely overwrite and delete the current data in the Agent bin and conf folders, and not just the configuration data. we recommend maintaining a copy of the bin and conf folders in the Agent file before dropping in the Ready to Run bin and conf folders.

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