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Replicator Agent Overview

The Perspectium Replicator Agent is a framework that helps you share and use data. With the Replicator Agent, you can easily replicate live data in real-time as it is being created and modified.

The framework is a Java process that executes software called handlers that perform the essential processing of the data. Perspectium provides several handlers that perform base functionality such as taking replicated table data from a ServiceNow instance and writing it to a relational database such as Oracle or SQL Server.

Perspectium also provides an SDK (software development kit) that enables developers to easily create additional handlers. Additionally, the Replicator Agent framework provides a plugin capability that can be used to customize or alter existing handler capabilities.

Users run the Perspectium Agent Installer, which installs an “agent” for sharing and/or subscribing data to a non-ServiceNow source such as a database. The agent is configured so it handles all interactions with the database and the Message Broker Service (MBS), including all database actions such as querying data and inserting records as well as converting the data to and from the message format needed to communicate with the MBS.

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