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Agent Requirements

These are the requirements needed to ensure that your agent can be executed properly and has the ability to be upgraded in the future.


System Requirements
Memory 8GB minimum
Processor Cores 4 minimum
Hard Disk Space 100GB minimum
Network Interface GigE

Network Access

The Replicator agent requires only outbound access to the Perspectium cloud and the ServiceNow instance.

Perspectium products require that your firewall settings allow traffic to and from your Perspectium MBS. This can be through any one of the following three ports: AMQP, AMQPS, or HTTPS. You will specify which protocol you will be using through the URL of the <message_connection>.

The Agent also requires that your firewall settings allow traffic to and from your ServiceNow instance. To test this access you can consult this page.

Network Requirements
AMQPS Outbound Port TCP/5671 outbound to your Perspectium MBS (amqps://
AMQP Outbound Port TCP/5672 outbound to your Perspectium MBS (amqp://
HTTPS Outbound Port TCP/443 outbound to your Perspectium MBS (
HTTPS Outbound Port TCP/443 outbound to your ServiceNow instance


Both 32 and 64 bit versions of Java are supported. The Java version must be Java 8 or higher. As of the Fluorine release, Java versions 9 and 10 are supported. It's strongly recommended that you use a server type JVM instead of a client or desktop version.

A 32 bit version of Java is required if you're running the agent on a Windows server for Agent versions under 3.24.0.

You can determine that Java is in your current path and the version by issuing the following command from the command prompt:

java -version

If you don't see something like the following then please contact your system administrator for help.

java version "1.8.0_181"

Make note of the path to Java. One way to determine the path to Java on most linux distros is to issue the following command:

which java

On Windows this is typically located in “C:\Program Files \Java\…”

On either windows/linux the installer will generally find the path to the java installation and auto-fill this for you.

Verify that Java is in your PATH system (environment) variable as some installations of Java may not add it properly. If it is not there, add the path of the JRE's bin direct as indicated here.

Supported Databases

Database Version
Oracle 11g, 12c Release 1: 12.1 -
SQL Server (MSSQL) 2012, 2016 recommended
MySQL 5.6 - 8.0 supported in Europium
SAP Hana SPS 12
Amazon Redshift 4.0-4.1
Amazon Aurora (MySQL compatible) N/A
IBM DB2 11
HP Vertica 8.0 - 9.21
PostgreSQL 42.2.6
Snowflake 3.9

NOTE: Perspectium uses the newest version of each of the associated JDBC drivers, which are included with the install.

NOTE: Perspectium strongly recommends placing the Agent on the same local area network as the database server.

Supported Operating Systems

The following OS versions are supported by the Replicator Agent:

OS Version
Windows Professional & Home 7 - 10
Windows Server 2012 - 2016
Linux Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04
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