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Heartbeat Alerts

Observer and this feature have been deprecated. Please contact for information.

What is the Heartbeat

The Replicator Agent will send a heartbeat to MBS every minute in order to report its version and that it is currently alive. Within our system we will then create Alerts if the heartbeat is stale (i.e. your Agent hasn't reported one recently enough). Using these Alerts and the ServiceNow Replicator and Observer capabilities you can process and fire notifications.

Using these alerts you can also configure your own custom workflows.

You can also generate these alerts entirely through MBS and your portal, independent of ServiceNow. To do so you can read more here.

How to Receive these Alerts

These alerts are placed into a queue based on your current Agent name. Your Agent name inputed on installation, and can be found by navigating to the wrapper.conf file and finding the entry for

If you named your Agent company_agent you will create a Subscribe Queue to psp.out.servicenow.company_agent

By doing so you will pull in the generated Alerts and they will automatically be placed into the Alert table, if you have Observer. These Alerts can be found here:

How to Notify on these Alerts

Using the Observer tools you can easily create a Notification using ServiceNow's native notification system. Click the Error Notification Module:

When to Send

This will bring up a pre-filled Notification for you. You will put in the following conditions to match the incoming alert.

Who will Receive

Select the desired users to receive these notifications.

What it will Contain

The email content will be pre-filled with some data. This will contain some basic information for the name of the Agent and type of alert. You can customize this notification to how you want it:

Then you can save this record. This record will be pulled up by the Error Notification module unless you rename it, in which case you can find it in the ServiceNow notifications table.

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