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Upgrading an Update Set

The following are instructions for upgrading the Update Set. If you are installing for the first time, please visit Update Set Installation.


Before we begin, make sure that you have the following information ready to configure the Perspectium Properties once that Update Set is upgraded because the upgrade process may override them. Write down the existing values.

Perspectium → Properties

Property Example value
The user name that is used for connecting to the Perspectium Message Broker Service (MBS) dev291
The user password that is used for connecting to the Perspectium MBSdev291 (will be hidden by asterisks *)
The target Perspectium server or MBS endpoint

Perspectium → Replicator → Properties

Property Example value
Encryption key for encrypting shared content from replicator. (must be at least 24 characters long)The cow jumped over the moon
Decryption key used to decrypt replicated content that is subscribed. (must be at least 24 characters long)The cow jumped over the moon

The Perspectium application must be installed in the global scope to function properly. If the application is installed in a different application scope, it will not have access to certain built-in ServiceNow functions (such as serializing and encrypting GlideRecords) to share out data.

Step 1: Download

Visit the Update Set Releases page and request the download link from for the listed current version. The file will be in a zipped format representing an exported update set XML file. When prompted, save the file into your browser's designated Downloads folder. After saving the downloaded zip file, proceed to unzip it using your preferred method.

Step 2: Upload

Log into your ServiceNow instance and navigate to Retrieved Update Sets list. At the bottom of this list, you will discover a link Import Update Set from XML, select it. The resulting page will prompt you to Choose a file to upload, select the Choose file button and browse to where you have unzipped the file in set 1. After selecting the Update Set XML file, click the Upload button. A progress worker will show the status of the upload.

You can also refer to ServiceNow's documentation for this step here

Step 3: Preview

The previewing step is a ServiceNow feature that ensures update collisions are displayed and resolved before applying the update. Because this is not the first time, there should be some collisions to be resolved. Select the Preview Update Set button and wait for it to end.

When the process finishes, you will be presented with a list of Errors or Conflicts that you must manually resolve.

We recommend that you override all errors by selecting every conflict in the list and selecting the Accept Remote Update option at the bottom of the list. The only values that may be of concern would be the property values you have written down that must be preserved after the upgrade, and you are ready.

If you get an error about the remote update sys_app_module_d9b02f0e0ffa2200a7f0c3ace1050ea6, this update can be accepted as it relates to the Finish Install module. When this module is run, it updates the module and as a result your version of this module will be newer than the one that comes as part of the Perspectium update set.

You can access more information regarding previewing of Update Sets here

Step 4: Commit

After previewing the Update Set and making sure that there are no more conflicts, you are now ready to Commit it. Select the Commit Update Set button, after the progress dialog finishes showing the progress status, your Perspectium application will be installed.

More information about committing update set here

Step 5: Finish Install and Configure

After committing the update set, navigate to and click the Finish Install module to complete the installation of the Perspectium update set

The Finish Install module will check if the Perspectium application is in the global scope, run jobs to install properties for the application, start up background running scheduled jobs, and reset dynamic share rules.

NOTE: By running the Finish Install script, you will not overwrite your current Perspectium Properties. You should run the Finish Install script whenever you install a new update set.

The Finish Install script must be run after committing your Perspectium for ServiceNow update set(s) in order for your Perspectium applications to function correctly.

2016/11/01 17:47 · Paul Nguyen

Next navigate to the Perspectium application, and then the Properties page. Review the values for the properties and ensure that they match the ones you have collected from the Prerequisite section. Next navigate to the Replicator properties page to review its properties and make any changes as necessary.

Please verify your Perspectium properties before using the application

After that select the Test Connection link, you should see output similar to the following.

Complete the validation by visiting the Outbound messages and filter the list by Show Matching of “test”. You should see the following entry with a state of “Sent” indicating that it was successful.

Your upgrade is now complete!

ACL Update Set


To limit the Perspectium application to only the perspectium user that is installed with the application, you can request from support the ACL update set which will add ACL rules.

ACL update sets are available for both the Perspectium Replicator and Observer applications. ACLs will be created for the following ServiceNow tables:

Table Version Access Operation Product(s)
UI Pages (sys_ui_page) 3.18.0 read Replicator, Observer

Duplicate ACLs on the same table may conflict with each other with one overriding the other. Please verify any ACLs that exist on the above tables before installing this update set.

2017/02/10 15:42 · Paul Nguyen
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